Gamespot TV (2000) – Quake 3 strategy guide, Paraite Eve II, Guitar Freaks [pt. 4 of 4]

[pt. 1] Spotlight: Guitar Freaks Game News: Star Wars Episode 1: Racer To Be Released For The Dreamcast, Ultima 9 message boards closed, Square Event In Japan Announces Online Future [pt. 2] Previews: Metal Fatigue The Grill: Zombie Revenge The Grill: Battlezone II [pt. 3] Previews: Parasite Eve II The Grill: Mario Party II Previews: D2 [pt. 4] Previews: Seaman Intro of the Week: Space Channel 5 Game Breakers: Quake 3 (MFA: Master’s of Fragadelic Arts)

Angie and Chad take some viewer comments, talk about our 2010 highlights, and ask a new Question of the Week. Screen Team posts a weekly vlog, every Tuesday, and a number of song parodies, skits and tributes. Mostly having to do with video games! Facebook: Twitter: Flipnote Hatena: Burritomasterfilms COD video: Check out our youtube friends who we met at Comic Con: Music by Ronald Jenkees

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24 Responses to “Gamespot TV (2000) – Quake 3 strategy guide, Paraite Eve II, Guitar Freaks [pt. 4 of 4]”

  • gazisaad says:

    thanx for upload

  • 565656546487 says:

    and the worst thing about 2011 was that there was no snow on christmas until 2012 were i live =( good luck on the next parody u guys make looking forward to it

  • 565656546487 says:

    gahhh this sucks ummm i watched all the vids u two made in the past umm two n a half days and i have facebook and other goodies likes xboxlive but i never wanted to make a youtube acc till now just to comment and i had no idea that the user name was the first thing when u created a channel so now i got this stupid number name =( but any how cheers on the vids n umm my fav vid atm is the fast food fix i watched it at least 10 times while going through all the vids

  • soreiks says:

    2:33 i’m in love…
    no Chad not you :)

  • snorlax923 says:

    @ScreenTeamShow i want to ask out this girlhow i think likes me but i get mad nervous cuz shes around like 20 girls like every second got any advise (no jokin around)

  • snorlax923 says:

    @ScreenTeamShow please read this are you dating chad because you dont act like it and u should probably let the youtubers know harshley i need a good laugh

  • snorlax923 says:

    @ScreenTeamShow please read this please kiss your camera screen for 1of your favorite youtubers snorlax 923

  • snorlax923 says:

    @ScreenTeamShow hey angie dont you feel aliitle creeped out that half the people here watch your videos sand do u guys now the new game dbz ultamate tenkaichi epic game u should look it up nd wat u think about ash nd pikachu i hate how they made pichachu a total weaklin nd thatt ash is a noob trainer they should bring paul nd ursaring beat up hiz team of unova nd remind him of wat ash haz been through make him become his old self

  • diegoocampo15 says:

    ( . Y . )

  • victorff111 says:

    i’m brazillian too
    you guys have a lot off fans from brazil and we dont comment about angie boobs
    couse in brazil womans like her are normal but i got to say she is really beatifull

  • raphaeljesussr2 says:

    she´s perfect woman ever…

  • RunAnHideBiatch says:

    shes cheating on him >.>

  • Terrorfreaak says:

    fuking big tits thumbs the fuck up if u agree

  • Ninjadude973 says:

    I feel so sinful with Angie in these vids >.<

  • 87gossamer says:

    angie you are fuckin sexy as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 87gossamer says:

    angie you are fuckin sexy as hell

  • Guilherme12345678987 says:

    eu achava q eu era o único brasileiro q assistia os videos de vcs mais não so =D and I love the videos of you although I do not understand a lot

  • mariofatout says:

    i love the cut of your jib

  • CardsAndCandles says:

    @imsofly114 ew… get a life bro. shit

  • CardsAndCandles says:

    @juliodinho16 Because your grammar makes baby koala bears die

  • Luizfernandospfc100 says:

    I am Luiz kiss kiss kiss

  • robstallone2010 says:

    for your next video have sex with me

  • irriterande says:

    Congratulations Angie! :D

  • Lazer108 says:

    loling at all the sad people who are perving over this poor women, if your that desperate there are such things as special websites where girls show there boobs for free XD

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