Full E-expression I 1/3 [Maelstrom] – EVE Online Solo PVP

Full E-expression I is made by me ThunderWindz (Graugaard ingame). I made full e-expression to show some standard solo pvp from lowsec, hoping more people would join the fun. This is my first real pvp video so please forgive me that some of the fights are a little “meh”. This was all action taken from 2 weeks pvp. In my next video i will sort the fights so only, the best comes in. If you want to support my video please subscribe and maybe tell an eve friend about it. This video will be downloadable from eve-files in HQ soon ™. I suggest you take 1080p or 720p with expanded window size for best viewing option. All rights reserved, ThunderWindz Copyright © 2010

Video Rating: 4 / 5

GoonSwarm vs Against ALL Authorities/KenZoku/Razor and some other lesser important corporations. This is a continuation of part 1 ( www.youtube.com ), sped up 750% to compress 1 hour of fighting into 5 minutes. Halfway through you will see a bunch of wrecks and new hostiles appear from thin air. That is due to the server lag being so bad the grid is not loading properly. Battle report: killboard.goonfleet.com Music: www.newgrounds.com

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