For beginner: 6/10 Blood raider complex ( Crimson Hand Supply Depot )

This is a bigger complex in the LowSec. Not too easy, but i think a small fleet can shoot about 40-45 min. The first 2 room very easy, i think equialent some LVL3 agent misson. The 3. room have a blood raider battle station, and 2 acceleration gates, You need use on the left side’s the stations: Command Centre gate. The station will attack you with EM cruise missile, and stasis webifier (from 50km!), but with strong damage (my tengu was about 80% resist, and the damage was arround 400 ! ) You activating a gate soon as possible, and jump to command centre. There you can found 6-8 BS, and many sentry’s (like 4 cruise missile batteries). And there you found one ship, who had higher bounty (5.000.000 isk), named Crimson Lord. That ship will dropping loot ! shoot down, take a loot and warp out ! All other ships optional target, with about 1M isk bounty. ( The loot : 19th Tier Overseer’s Personal Effects and one or some Corpum A-type item if you lucky). I think not too hard complex. Equivalent about a strong LVL4 mission. I was in Tengu. (Fit: High: 5 x T2 HML with T2 EM Heavy missiles (shootrange about 105 km), Med: 3 x T2 Large Shield extender, 1 T2 Magneting scattering amplifier, 1 T2 Invulnaribility field, 1 10mn Microwarpdrive 4 x Khanid navy Ballistic Controll System, T2 Damage Control. Rigs: all T2 Shield Extenders). Mission time was about 55 min. Loot was 19th OPE, and just a Corpum A-Type medium energy transfer. Attention! The Crimson Lord hard tanking! I Preferred, if

Video Rating: 4 / 5

A smartbombing run in Angymonne. Goes to show that smartbombing is still possible at -7 sec status. Just need an alt to line up the target and bring your ship to the station Resulted in 20 kills – 10 mackinaws and their pods.

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39 Responses to “For beginner: 6/10 Blood raider complex ( Crimson Hand Supply Depot )”

  • NZblind says:

    I do this minmatar HAC/logi duel box in under 30mins, trick is getting your logi to tank the battlestation room so you can MWD to opt range on all the BSs and pop them super quick, i am serious lol. Salvage the boss(my logi salvages for me), he can drop big stacks of t2, had a few 16 stacks of power circuits.

  • Vaslegyecske says:

    I think in this plex the chooice propulsion subsystem not criticall. But when i use another situation this tengu sometimes need an extra warpspeed ;)

  • PhazonSouffle says:

    Un-grouped missiles in high speed looks awesome. can I ask why you choose grav cap? I haven’t completely looked over the stats but it doesn’t seem that useful.

  • bonjavie says:

    lool, how unlucky!! i allways got over 1b in drops on this site, and you only got the overseer, i do them i 0.0 tho, but i doubt it makes a differance

  • dingostar2620 says:

    Ok, thank for your insight o7

  • chunli73 says:

    In my experience, if you’re soloing – no. Blood Raiders… mmm maybe. it depends on how clued up you are on the plex and how cap stable you are. I prefer to kite with an active tank and just keep my distance from the neuting BS. Unless you’re specifically after Corpum A loot, stick to Guristas or Serpentis low/null. Easy easy. I run Crimson Hands active all the time. Never had a problem – just keep your eye on the ball.

  • Vaslegyecske says:

    I think better. Blood raider often neutralizing you. The active moduls does’n work, if you haven’t any Cap. 6/10 Not critical, but 7/10,8/10, 9/10, 10/10 is dangerous/deadly without cap.

  • dingostar2620 says:

    Hey nice video. Is passive tengu fit better then active when plexing in low/nullsec ?

  • SchwartzBOSS says:

    Y U had invul off? :p

  • Vaslegyecske says:

    Anyway, if you in a last room, then first go up with mwd, keep at range from sentry’s….and shoot the BS’s, first not a Crimson Lord! About 80-90km from jumping point off the mwd, and shoot one by one the ships. there the sentri’s already can not hurt you! And the end you shoot down the Crimsson Lord. Orbiting about 2000-5000m with mwd, and finishd him :)

  • Vaslegyecske says:

    Good Luck!

  • elcocodriloazul says:

    i will give it a shoot soon. many thanks.

  • Vaslegyecske says:

    Defensive – Suplemental Screening
    Ofensive – Accelerated Ejection Bay
    Eletronics – Dissolution Sequencer
    Engineering – Capacitor regereration matrix
    Propulsion - Gravitional Capacitor

  • elcocodriloazul says:

    nice video. Although i am puzzled. Noob tengu pilot. What sub systems did you use?

  • chunli73 says:

    Just ran this. Easy money! Corpum A-Type medium Armor Repairer, A-Type Energized Thermic Membrane, A-Type Medium Nosferatu and 19th Tier overseers effects. Over 600M isk. Legion & Tengu combo. Sentinel in room 3 is a bitch. Make sure you bring high DPS missile boat or Amarr BS with distance.

    Mostly WIN o/

  • Vaslegyecske says:

    Anyway, i think in the Blood raiders area not too good idea use shieldboosters, or any active moduls, because the very often use neutralizers, and other energy vampire moduls.

  • Vaslegyecske says:

    I think No problem with the fitt. Of course capable tanking fully, but when i try recording the procedures, in the last room try shoot first the Crimson Lord. I just want shorter video, because when i record this video, Youtube had a limit off lenght. Normally i first go to up with MWD, there sentrys, and cruise missile batteries don’t know hurt me. Crimson Lord use MWD, another BS’s not! If you keep at range abowe 100km You can shoot the Lord first, without problem, without jumpout.

  • Jboxf4life says:

    Your fit is absolutely horrible if u cant tank a 6/10… try a shield booster

  • RunningWrstlr says:

    You will need a lot more dps than a tengu to take out the sturcture at the end

  • Vaslegyecske says:


    And do You know, two marauder, or another ship faster than one ? I just want show for beginner (once again just for you: BEGINNER…) about this plex.

    You can use marauder, but i think the beginner’s can use earlier a strategic cruiser’s than marauders…
    Marauder’s price higher … and marauder’s = pirate magnet :P (PVP)

    Loki just an another strategic cruiser smallest optimal. But of course useable.

    (I want see, when you shoot alone the 10/10 plex with loki :P)

  • liberty211662 says:


  • PurpleDuckization says:

    nice job splitting missles when it came to the dessies i would have never thought about doing that probobly conservees alotta ammo

  • starshipadmiral says:

    i love the missile streams

  • Vaslegyecske says:

    It was in Goudiyah

  • Anonymous says:

    OMG love this 10 down and podded…..

  • dkcarlos33 says:

    the local drop :D I love it o/

  • EveOnline1000 says:

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  • FelekisGR says:

    like a boss :)

  • Azzidos says:

    this is evil. you make me cry :)

  • propheticwarrior100 says:

    Macro mining in high sec, cost 2.8 billion isk. Rusty disco phoon, estimating 120 million isk. Care bear tears, priceless!

  • 0BornofDesire0 says:

    clap clap clap*

  • ferrisxb9r says:

    Ha ha, innovative. Nice video. I’ll bet they were gutted. If I was on the receiving end of that, I’d be both angry and happy.

  • uubuuW says:


  • UKStormbringer says:

    I used FRAPs to record and then converted to 720p h264 using VirtualDUB (since original videos are gigabytes in size due to FRAPs default settings being used). The chat obfuscation is achieved using DeLogo plug-in, which I run in repair mode by first editing a frame of the video and applying a red colour mask to the regions I wanted filtered out. Plug-in slows down conversion quite a bit, but helps hide chat windows and private bookmarks fairly well.

  • w0lfduke says:

    Loving it right there – question, is it FRAPs you use for recording? I’m curious as to how you got your chats in that effect

  • x3llence says:


  • dacat1997 says:

    i can’t stop watching this… spectacular….


  • marknicklen says:

    hahahaha awsome , bet they were gutted
    nice upload perun
    from gg

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