First contested TCRC Shield vs Armor.

this is why armor will never win at HQ sites. Loses in the site 1 Navy Mega armor tanked near loses Paladin. PS We laugh OUR Asses OFF

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7 Responses to “First contested TCRC Shield vs Armor.”

  • LordVashAble says:

    cause I didn’t want too ^.^

  • Kayanarkaatyahoodcom says:

    Chalaina here, had i heard coms i probably wouldn’t have said anything. Good job noma. wish i had been on coms, hate my satellite internet, had to wait two days just to see this video.

  • hexaq2 says:

    That Navy mega was using MWD, according to some1 from TDF.
    Armor can afford to use prop mods even in tcrc, but mwd is pushing it :/

  • ORCACommander says:

    oh comeo n why did you not rep the paladin with your bloody scimi :P

  • edcsaqwxz2 says:

    You have never played eve have you…

  • AdmiralKhan says:

    I would like to see this from the perspective of a dmg. dealer. Would be nice to see the structure and the rats popping.

  • battykitto says:

    Paladins that don’t run with a Halo set often have trouble tanking the site. And the navy mega that popped is infamous for ‘almost’ dying, he finally succeeded. Of course, any shield fleet logi that have run armor fleet know that. Also, is someone recording this?

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