ExoNova PvP Tournament (EVE Online)

Yes, I know I’m lousy at filming. Hard when I barely understand the game even XD. All rights reserved to their respective owners, not me. Audio: In credits Game Play: EVE Online by CCP

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GRTV cornered Arnar Gylfason from CCP to find out more about the latest controversies surrounding their space-MMO EVE Online and to discuss the serious business that is Internet spaceships.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

4 Responses to “ExoNova PvP Tournament (EVE Online)”

  • mikeyjbaxter says:

    1:12 penis collision!

  • Domukuan says:

    I flew my freighter into a gate camp…

  • Abband0n says:

    Does making people wait a year and half to fix broken/unbalanced features while new features that most people dont want get added sound reasonable?? Dust isnt really any issue as it is being made by the chinese. But Incarna is sucking up alot of devs. Nothing new should ever be added as long as other areas of the game are unplayable.

  • Abband0n says:

    Ummm. PI had people dedicated to it before the CSM incident. As players were already warning CCP not to abandon PI like they had done every other feature. You have no idea where 18 months came from?? It came from the top of CCP thats where it came from lol. 6 months to pump out incarna. 6 months to pump out dust. 6 months for something I don’t remember/ iron out incarna/dust bugs.

    Thats how long it will be before any iteration on old features will be started in any real way.

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