Eve’s Bra adhesive / stick on bra Video

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Video Rating: 3 / 5

Bob Weir and Phil Lesh Furthur Time live from the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium New Years Eve Grateful Dead members covering the song time from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. 12/31/09

Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 Responses to “Eve’s Bra adhesive / stick on bra Video”

  • abc123cura says:


  • mbommari says:

    Phil sounds so much better now. Furthur love

  • andy23822 says:

    Sorry, but listening to Phil sing this song is painful. I know multiple garage bands that could pull this off much better. Why bother doing Pink Floyd? These guys need to stick with what they do. Phil sounds f@#ing horrible on this !!!!

  • icenine2 says:

    Yes, and the right wing media assholes like Beck and Hannity portrayed Ron Paul as a ‘nut’ before the election in an effort to get the other moron McCain elected, but now they speak fondly of him. I am looking forward to an Obama / Palin run in 2012, that will be the death knell for America. Sorry to digress from the Furthur topic, folks.

  • usernametaken73 says:

    neither of the 2 major parties will change a thing. I think that has become quite evident.

  • usernametaken73 says:

    I wish I knew, now Ron Paul is another story. Obama is another big government, globalist puppet.

  • DavidSlapsHisBass says:

    Phil has earned the right to sing whatever he wants.

  • icenine2 says:

    I saw over 500 Dead shows between ’73 and ’95 and one virtue of the Grateful Dead was their lack of politics and the fact that they mostly steered clear of positioning themselves on issues. As a rational anarchist this was an appealing attribute. The Obama and (oh, god!) Nancy Pelosi bullshit make me want to wretch. Of all the characters to support, why does it have to be these two assholes?

  • icenine2 says:

    I’ll be very happy if Phil can sing forever. If you don’t like the way Phil sings, move on.

  • dnbhippy says:

    oh dear please stay of floyd……..

  • jocovo84 says:

    doesn’t bother me one bit!

  • usernametaken73 says:

    The Obama sticker on the speaker cab. makes me throw up a little.

  • gypsymamacat says:

    My two favorite bands…wow.
    All of the boys need some more practice on this one, and Phil really needs to learn the words and phrasing…but it sounds great, nonetheless!
    Thanks for sharing this! How cool is that!? So much better than a Stones cover!

  • emptynet1 says:

    Sooooooo cool ,,, but Phil should keep his singing to a minimum… But I’ll just go with the bone flow and enjoy the ride….. :-)

  • cmsfood says:

    Nice job with the video. Saw them on the 30th. What a treat.

  • buggyr333 says:

    he sounded mch better in the theater they nailed it

  • jshensa says:

    I think the only time Phil should open his mouth is to sing Box of Rain. was still great seeing him and Bob together having so much fun together on stage.

  • JCHarper says:

    LOVE phil, but must he sing? he’s more tone deaf than ever! bless him for tryin tho; any incarnation is a weclome pleasure. long may they run.

  • cosmiccarl says:

    presenting….The Grateful Floyd!?!? They nail Time, and John and the backup singers really shine on like crazy diamonds!

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