EVE – War Extended (update)

update version of the first one

This video has been re-encoded in HD here: www.youtube.com

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  • RU55IO says:

    Game looks good.just what’s the story?

  • I3VCor says:

    Покажи видос с фитом для соло этой миски. я вот тоже так прилетел пару мисок зафармил в соло потом попалась с кариером, 14 батлов слил на тестовом и 2 тенги. отменил. другую взял та же история блеать для кого сисипи эти миски делали ваще не пойму слиперов в магнитках в тройках и то танковать проще было.

  • Tolerantnost says:

    ага, соло. на бш соло как 2 пальца и логист не нужен. криворукий пилот бш сольёт

  • mustang1682 says:


  • WolfWillHowl says:

    unless he meant one mission >.<

  • WolfWillHowl says:

    this clearly isn’t solo

  • skyguy732 says:

    Either I cant count or there are two ships.

  • Alexc3217 says:

    Why are you even here?

  • iDjGio says:


  • iDjGio says:


  • androdel5 says:


  • FallenAngel6841 says:

    Howdy if anyone is interested in playing a extended 21 day trial message my youtube or email me your email address and I can refer you. I’ll teach you the ropes, give you some starting cash and invite you to a great corporation to help you reach your goals in EVEonline! :) Email: kyler.padovani@gmail.com

  • Adambombbad says:

    Have to love the title when there is clearly 2 ships in this mission.

  • Mjarf88 says:

    A standard battleship would be able to do a level 5 if it had logi support. This is not solo missioning.

  • Codfishmaster57 says:

    I know what solo means you don’t need to use quatation marks, ok? I do not wish to associate myself with you. Blocked.

  • entelin says:

    I’m simply stating that in eve the usual definition of what “solo” means what you can personally handle solo, regardless of how many characters you may be using. That’s the definition tuner is clearly using, and the definition most people use in game.

    It’s just a fact that two accounts in Eve are hugely useful, more so than any other mmo I can think of. So its common to consider using them at the same time to still be “solo”.

  • Codfishmaster57 says:

    you admit defeat by saying fair enough? you agree with someone who claims to kow more about eve than u? im ashamed… lol…

  • Codfishmaster57 says:

    be quiet human theweirdoiscool is the best eve player i have seen so he is correct

  • theweirdoiscool says:

    fair enough
    but i think people looked at it as a solo ship mission

  • VectorsLab says:

    - Not sure thats true, i only have one account and i’m definitely competitive. Nice video by the way, i like the way the drones leg it about in high speed :P

  • entelin says:

    No… actually “solo” usually does mean you and your alt(s). Your not a full person in eve without at least two accounts.

  • theweirdoiscool says:

    Cool the solo part was misleading people getting annoyed so what it shows a duet level 5 its a good setup what eve time was this?

  • PPetermann80 says:

    solo means one ship, not one player using two..

  • SASenglish says:

    Dont put solo if u have a friend their or even ur alt. Solo means one ship in the area. Not another repping you.

  • vortex675 says:

    @uzibazuka with killing everything with just fighters/sentrys. and salvageing about an hour. 

  • uzibazuka says:

    so how long does it take?

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