EVE University Fleet Operation

This is a 32player fleet op in EVE-Online i joined with the EVE University corporation. Real fun! If you think about joining the E-Uni: Fleet ops like these heapon every day! Thanks FC and everyone involved (pretty noob handling from me some times :/ this was my fouth op with the Uni)

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Ship used: Rattlesnake Faction: Blood Raiders High Fits: Drone Link Augmentor II Drone Link Augmentor II Cruise Missile Launcher II Cruise Missile Launcher II Cruise Missile Launcher II Mid Slot: Drone Navigation Computer II Large Shield Extender II Large Shield Extender…

Video Rating: 5 / 5

6 Responses to “EVE University Fleet Operation”

  • TheReBeLSKuLL says:

    @love2game12 This FC was actually one of the top ones (and I am sure he still is) :)

  • RezDrazdir says:

    lol @ the labels…

  • williamGSXR110 says:

    Learn how to use hotkeys!

  • ZooHeretic says:

    Terrible fit and awful way to run missions. You would be better off with a passive Drake fit.

  • Xamiakass says:

    not sure what`s to show here in the first place? t2 fit snake will tank around with 2x invuln.. 2m costing implants and some skilling will make that snake stable with 2x invuln at like half rofl.. now hi slots… W T F?:DDDDD

  • darian1968 says:

    question you have missiles and they yet are not full. what are you doing. its not a Gallente SHip.. long video could have taken them down differently and more effective as well. good tank but not i ideal set up. .

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