Eve Uni, New Eden Pilgrimage 12/02/11 Part 2

This was an event held on 12/02/11 for Eve Uni. The plan was to travel 30+ jumps from the Corps base to see New Eden and the Black Monolith. Now something things you should be aware of while watching this. For the most part I was not broadcasting on the corp’s mumble channel. The corps mumble chat holds a strict PG13 policy on mumble and so I wasn’t aloud to swear down the mic at them (Which my subs know I do a lot) So I’d like to make it clear that non of the swearing in this video was ever broadcast on the mumble channel. Speaking of mumble, it shows a “hud” on the top right of the screen showing who is talking. It seems fraps did not record this and so I make out of context remarks to something that just isn’t there. Once again i’d like to thank everyone who helped to make this trip possible, including the scouts and Fleet commander. Any questions feel free to ask, or if you’d like to try eve for yourself then feel free to message me and I can send you a free 21 day trial.

Please Rate the video it helps me out a ton. Register for Dust514 beta: secure.dust514.com Follow me on twitter @MadSlick2517 Usual crew of gamers: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Live streams: www.twitch.tv www.twitch.tv Intro music: Gangsta Land – www.freestockmusic.com Used Under: www.freestockmusic.com all other audio created by myself or is gameplay audio.

6 Responses to “Eve Uni, New Eden Pilgrimage 12/02/11 Part 2”

  • Loadabullfilms says:

    Awesome “last stand”ish music! :D

  • Wezplaysxbox360 says:

    I have to say this game does look quiet good also that was like a fleet of 50 and it went down to 6

  • Wezplaysxbox360 says:

    I have to say this game does look quiet good

  • Madslick2517 says:

    yeah my PSN name is the same, hopefully i can get back on this week sometime ill hit you up

  • Icedslayer01 says:

    Hey Madslick, just a couple things thanks for covering there’s not enough youtuber’s promoting this game.

    Second my pc just died on me so i can’t start eve until i get it fixed

    Third If your in the Dust514 is your name the same as your youtube channel, and if your looking for a squad to roll with just and me on the PSN: Icedslayer. We’re using Ventrilo right now to sync up, usually there’s 12+ guys on at anyone time.

    Now that that’s out of the way, Keep up the good work :)

  • silentninja61 says:

    Nice video dude I really enjoyed it a lot and i think the audio and gameplay is very good and you should keep making videos dude. Oh hey mind checking out my channel and telling me what you think.Also I liked this video:D

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