EVE UI – Past, Present, Future & Fantasy

A collection of various User Interface ideas and mockups done by CCP Devs. DISCLAIMER: This is not Work in Progress UI work. Music by Pavilion

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • xXPhantomFenix says:

    Actually I did play this game and since 08. The ONLY reason why they did a HALF ASS job on the mini game and establishments is because they had to axe the WIS project coz of the Jita Riot duh!! The brainstorming i mentioned was about the new UI pictures, I already know the dam mini game and WIS related stuff is already there. NUFF said.

  • bandbandbob says:

    it completely awesome, ccp please make our dreams real and release it as soon as possible, please !

  • unsealedbob says:

    CCP Make it happen….

  • fuzzydragon says:

    would like to have a theme pack of multiple hud styles to choose from, maybe have it based on your faction, minmatar, caldari ect.

  • cookiesmightexist says:

    Free EVE Online 21 days extended trial =), just message me your e-mail address and I will send you the invitation ASAP =)

  • Kal4ra says:

    New HUD – Exactly the same as the original HUD, but ‘slightly’ shinier? :p

  • martinethson says:

    very nice, but for a game that has NO MANUAL and for a game witch’s UI is so complicated beyond the initial use, this is way to optimistic

  • 4C51 says:

    The UI concepts look awesome, but the video presentation is making my eyes bleed.

  • brygdomin says:

    Music cuts out a bit early.

  • ten101337 says:

    make it!

  • makkam454 says:


  • shoesfx says:

    very confusing video, if i was not playing this game i wouldn’t be able to understand what the fuck are all of these things randomly poping around the screen.

  • gigicaly says:

    omg we going to finally have that rts game?? I was waiting for that since ever. Also I hope you make it so we can play for isk lol :D

  • 42Freeman42 says:

    By the gods, could this mean..a GOOD UI? (O.o) Are we still talking about CCP and EVE here? I’m confused, happy, and anxious at the same time (ó.ò)

  • TheMightyJoeDirt says:

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I’m so excited all over again! !!

  • pavilionsounds says:

    Pavilion - Recovery

  • Cameron1337 says:


  • Punishthefalse says:

    Give in. You know you want to.

  • M0U53B41T says:

    not easy to make a ui sexy but ur doin a damn fine job

  • njcBlackeyed says:

    I’m not certain, but I think it’s trying to communicate…

  • Xloub says:

    i liked the idea of camera window on your target

  • Becoded says:

    God damn you guys!!! Every time I decide to quit and get a life you drop something like this!!! STOP MAKING IT BETTER!!

  • p3vvp3vv says:

    yeah good idea, let people have mods to create their own ship skins… next thing you know there is a bunch of trolls flying dora the explorater moded suicide tornados all over high sec.Way to kill the 20K years in the future ambience.

    But it would be cool to have a large selection of preset customizations like different skins(shapes), patterns and colors, and by large I dont mean 3 set CCP.

  • Vanadium says:

    no way dude, when we can create the own UI with mods it will be like wow. you win in pvp because you fucking dam ui was better than the standard, what is that ? total shit is it. for the ship yah why not but not the UI. dude dps graph? you really want wow….

  • svartehelll says:

    Okay, seriously. Those shield/armor/hull visuals needs to be implemented into the game asap.

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