EVE: Tier 3 Battleship Roundup!

All four tier 3 battleships together! This is the start of a series of machinima music videos which will showcase all ships of each class. I’d love to hear suggestions for what ships to feature next. I’m thinking interceptors! Credit goes to Davik Rendar for the EVE starship chart. Big thanks to Redman for supplying & flying most of the ships!

24 Responses to “EVE: Tier 3 Battleship Roundup!”

  • AKOverlord says:

    Tbh, the Abaddon and the Maelstrom beat the Hyperion and Rokh out of the water… their all fantastic looking. But the Hyperion lacks sufficient cap and either CPU or PG, I don’t remember which. Rokh is pretty sweet tank, but with hybrids and it’s bonuses, is way too specialized to be effective. Abaddon has a great tank and very nice DPS, good with PVP and PVE. And the Maelstrom is very diverse as well, with many of the same advantages as the Abaddon.

  • MetalliacFeather says:

    i loved flying my hyperion on which was prefitted when i bought it than i swiped it with tech 2. man that thing can tank

  • jbrain93 says:

    Mmmm, space porn

  • spoon123456 says:

    combination of music+praising ECE online…. dude,youre some hardcore nerd i guess :) )))

  • KarhuBrothers says:

    God I’m so close for rokh only few days of reading…

  • TheBlackWolfDK says:

    fuck this is a nice show of eve online it you think about it

  • Valor773 says:

    how did you get those sweet camera angles???

  • zakor33 says:

    @KaosuVolt YOU GOTTA ROKH!!!

  • Sodiumreactor says:

    Im about 24 hours away from having the skill to fly a Maelstrom. Another three days to have the ISK to buy it. Then at least another month of training to be able to actually take it into combat and kill with it. ;)

  • DudesInternetEmpire says:

    the rokh reminds me of the Homeworld 2 hiigaran destroyers

  • TheUndert0ker says:

    @KaosuVolt hahaha thanks! hope you cleaned up before you typed that

  • KaosuVolt says:

    Im going to have to report this video for explicit R rated content, I mean I came twice!

  • TheUndert0ker says:

    @mike3641616 that’s a rogue drone structure, they build giant hives in deep space out of random debris…pretty cool looking.

  • TheUndert0ker says:

    @KittyRokher thanks, yeah i love the rokh, i can’t wait till i have the gunnery skills to fly mine! very much reminds me of the ship from Aliens.

  • KittyRokher says:

    needs moar rokh

    Other than that, very awesome video. It was nice seeing the three Abaddons flying in formation.

  • rada660 says:

    what to do what to do, which tier 3 battleship is the most awesome they are the four awesome aaaah!

  • mike3641616 says:

    what is that thing at 5:09? I haven’t played eve because my computer can’t handle it

  • TheUndert0ker says:

    @Runelegit Bolt Thrower – Behind Enemy Lines

  • titanragnok says:

    ah yes, the tier 3 battleships,
    the mighty malestorm
    the heavenly hyperion
    the reusable rokh
    and the amazing abbadon

  • Bankstercide says:

    Gotta love the Amarr BS design philosophy:

    “If you aren’t killing the Primary with your lasers, then you clearly aren’t using enough of them.”

  • Quarolet says:


    Osht I shot myself, quick change the camera view!!


  • TheUndert0ker says:


    thank you

  • Overdoseplus says:

    Subscribed and faved. Looking forward to more vids like this. Great job man.

  • TheUndert0ker says:


    eve porno…that’s a great idea…

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