[EVE PVP] Turn Left Tornado fleet.

c4mels ftw tornados ownz

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An introduction to Tech 1 manufacturing in EVE Online.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

33 Responses to “[EVE PVP] Turn Left Tornado fleet.”

  • 1RTVc says:

    minmatar rock.

  • SuchAParawhoree says:

    Yeh i actually started playing EVE again today and im thinking of buying one.. Also i assumed it meant Tech 3 like a Loki.. I didnt know it meant Tier 3 Lol

  • stonejoint says:

    nope you can pop as much you want to without skill loss.

  • SuchAParawhoree says:

    If you lose one of these new T3 battle cruisers do you lose skill level like with Loki, Tengu etc ?

  • gconneely92 says:

    I’m new to eve, haven’t done any PVP yet – I can see how it can be intense, but I feel no emotion or excitment when combatting AI ships in agent missions, can’t see how it would be different for PVP but then again I haven’t tried it yet. Ayone else felt like that?

  • stonejoint says:

    Not all of them in the grid have aggro atm. So if he saw yellow box return red he may have jumped.

  • fall0rn says:

    hey nice vid, i dont wanna criticize you guys it was nice to watch, but at 7:45 a guy said ‘i think he jumped’–… umm ?? wtf, u cant jump when u have aggro timer

  • stonejoint says:

    This video made the day when tier3 patch came, we didnt sure about them, and this FC is one of the best FC Ive ever seen, Yes sorry we are not fighthing 500vs500 so you guys only judge fcs on target calling its normal.

  • rabbitrogerrr says:

    FC is realy, realy poor.. bad targetcalling….

  • TraShW00RM1488 says:

    FC – noob

  • Sargethepyromaniac says:

    Are you going to post terribad comments to everyone else with the same response? Or am i just the special one today because its valentines day?

    I’m flattered.

  • krajsnick says:

    You are laughably dumb. This FC rocks period. Post video to me when you fc, I want to call you bad also.

  • kartikm24 says:

    its easy to laugh at someone else, FC’ing is not that simple, i think they got through just fine, it takes alot of experience to become an excellent FC. so keep ur negative comments to urself and give the guy some tips

  • kartikm24 says:

    u could do better pal :) good stuff though , ull get better as u do more

  • tpr0wn says:

    good results, no clue how you got them though.

    had a great fight with you guys a while back, our half baked scramble got melted. fuckin drakes.

  • Raul Kolk says:

    Hey, he’s not that bad. He got plenty of kills and everybody survived. I’d call it win.

  • Sargethepyromaniac says:

    FC is laughably bad.

  • Caleb Hitt says:

    Primariy should have been guardian. Take the logies then the scorps out.

  • mariokartprime says:

    Wow, it took your FC THAT LONG to figure out the enemy t3 BCs had less tank than their BSes? Fail.

  • LucidDream101 says:

    i want that tornado fit.

  • Nil5 says:

    okay….. (silence for the rest of the duration)

  • tghavok1 says:

    your FC is terrible…

  • vaderdetta says:

    i fell asleep after 1min… forgon should stay to vaga/scimi gangs, this is a crap vid mate

  • The40Kwarrior says:

    I guess they thought smaller faster ships could get under your guns.

  • SchwartzBOSS says:

    Good shit dawg

  • SeamusDonohueEVE says:

    Glad to be of help. :) 

  • SWEAltarion says:

    Yes i noticed, a pain with 2 reppers on ;D Thanks i found the EFT, great with the API skill import. Next pjoect is a 1 man POS in the caldari state, no ques for bluprint copys and my own little space :) Thanks again Seamus

  • SeamusDonohueEVE says:

    Lasers use a LOT of capacitor, as you’ve noticed, so good capacitor skills are important on the Amarrian Battleships. For specifics, though, I’d have to go poking Eve Fitting Tool (Windows) or Python Fitting Assistant (Mac). Those are good programs to have.

  • SWEAltarion says:

    Ok, i will look in to E-Uni forums. i know how that is with real life and that always go first hand ofc i have watched many of your videos and got alot of tips and help from them so i want to say thank you.

    Have a great day Seamus, oh Btw, the Abbadon is high skill ship? i have alot of trubble having her cap stable, though i havent leveled all cap/energy skills to max, i hope that will help me wit the fittings i want.


  • SeamusDonohueEVE says:

    There are a few aspects of the game that I’m not familiar with. Invention is one of them. Feel free to ask on the EVE University forums, though; someone will get around to answering your question.

    On researching blueprints, I might be able to do a video on that, but it does depend upon when I’ll be able to get back to making videos again. Real life has been shifting time away from EVE Online for longer than I had anticipated.

  • SWEAltarion says:

    Hey Seamus, I really like your videos, helped me alot on my way in the big universe that is New Eden. Would you consider doing a video with Invention and research (a more indepth kinda video)? Thanks again and a big hi from Sweden.


  • Kalaskula2000 says:

    Great video! I’m getting into manufacturing now :-) 

  • fatherjimbo says:

    Hey Seamus. Thank you for these videos. I started a trial account and I’m going through your tutorials right now.

    Do you have a quick method to see how much profit you will get via manufacturing if you buy the materials? Obviously I could bust out a calculator and do it or make a spreadsheet but just wondering if you had resources available for that.

    Thanks again.

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