Eve Online’s first orbital strike into Dust 514

Eve Online’s first orbital strike into Dust 514, plus crowd reaction. Filmed live at the EVE fansfest 2012 this is the first time an orbital strike from PC space-sim EVE was fired into the PS3 exclusive Dust 514.

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  • walmartian says:

    i assume only mercs of certain rank or skill power will be able to call a strike, i doubt it will be available to every merc on the field, so if that merc is dead there is no strike until he respawns. some games there will be many stikes others few depending on many variables, we experienced heavy strikes for a couple weeks it rained orbitals on us and was very hard.

  • walmartian says:

    no it will not be free fire, it will take interaction from the pilot with a merc on the ground. if pilot does not recieve the target uplink from the merc there is no target for pilot to shoot.

  • Stormchoirs says:

    There is such a thing as too much in war? ROFL!

  • Henners1991 says:

    so can EVE players orbit planets constantly unloading rounds just like how EVE is generally about orbiting something and pounding it?

    ‘Cos were a battlefield to get the same amount of pounding as, say, an Abaddon gives any ship over a period of time, surely there’d be no infantry left?

  • John K says:

    More like “What the fuck was that? Oh, guys the cannon in online.”

  • Punishthefalse says:

    Oh shit, my dreadnought! Fleet! Planet surface is primary!

  • LordDarkDan says:

    and if it went the other way where the contractor refused to pay (I personally hope they do have the option to do that xD) even if I succeed, In retaliation, Work for others, Inform your fellow mercs who stray away from their contracts in fear of something similar, make sure as much of their stuff is destroyed as possible so they dont get barely as much resources as they could.

    Fair is fair, all the while both sides would be able to live properly, with annoying troubles xD, Cannot Wait xD

  • LordDarkDan says:

    All this arguing is pointless, both sides need the other, end of story, and if you try to ignore that and shove the other way, you can live with it with no trouble yes, but you wont be getting your maximum potential. ISK wise and etc.

    When I’m a Merc, I’ll work for whoever (Except if its my corp business), Do my job and make sure its effective, in return, I’d only ask for my pay and hope for a good future agreement with the contractor. and vice versa when I’m one of the pilots above :)

  • Aleksander Tsarinenko says:


  • pkermage55 says:

    It’s happening more and more every day, look at CS:GO and how those players can connect cross platform!

  • Urban202 says:

    please say they are going to perfectionize this so much it will change the future bond between pc and console! bring us to a higher level of advancement yes please!

  • staplehead3 says:

    5 minutes into a game of chess and their isn’t a single safe square on the board. I did not say that every piece was defensive, i said every piece was not defenseless. They all can attack.

  • NewGunBunny says:

    with no pawns, every piece would be able to take out every piece from the get go. No one would be able to move as they would be exposing them selves. There would not be a single safe square on the board. That is not a defense.

  • staplehead3 says:

    Without pawns on each side of the board each team would be in the same position. Each piece on the board can attack so i would not call them defenseless.

  • NewGunBunny says:

    there is a difference between being fundamental and being important. Without the pawns, the important pieces would not have defenses so that they can get into attacking positions. It would be like having your artillery on the front line between your enemies and your own infantry.

  • staplehead3 says:

    So is every other piece on the board.

  • NewGunBunny says:

    pawns are one of the most fundamental pieces of chess.

  • TheSolitaryTraveller says:

    Merceneries go for the money, thus contracts are very easy to break with them. So if you see the mercs you hire as pawns they can say fuck you “hey guys over there wana pay us to turn on this asshole”

  • Axlyss says:

    good luck getting people to play :)

  • softan says:

    If you think eve players wont interact with the dust players you’ve obviously not played eve. I guarantee you that eve players will be swarming to bomb those dust players. Their agony is all the reward we need and many of us will be prepared to put our ships on the line for this I’m sure. People go to battle with ships worth what in real currency translates to thousands of dollars and loses them. People haul minerals across hundreds of solar systems. There’s no such thing as tedious in eve.

  • LOLinFEVER says:

    Haven’t heard of Eve Dipship LOL

    > I doubt EVE players will have much use for the mercs

    I respect your opinion but that doesn’t obviate the fact it’s just an opinion. The only way we can find out is when the full release is made and what Dust offers Eve and its players.

    If they want to implement Eve with Dust, a rough, veteran company as CCP should have something stored in mind…

    So let’s agree to disagree and find out how everything will go at the end (:

  • LOLinFEVER says:

    as far as I can see there is a social standard set of communication parameters in Eve, as well as a stable capitalist economy. A set of social gatherings people normally call Clans, quite an extensive similarity with sociological stimulus which makes Eve one of the most impressive MMOs with a highly organized playerbase..

    If anything, Eve’s only difference in real life is pretty much that: it’s a game, otherwise it’s as human as the players and CCP have set it

  • staplehead3 says:

    Their is a huge difference between real life and EVE dipship. I doubt EVE players will have much use for the mercs, i just cant see them making a big difference.

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