EVE Online “Wyvern” Super Carrier Class

Made by Egnostos, Wyvern pilot: sdchew, system: New Eden

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25 Responses to “EVE Online “Wyvern” Super Carrier Class”

  • keyofawesomefan says:

    @Able2235 uhhh thats my line.

  • vidgami46 says:

    Caldari Engineering at its finest.

  • mrlaird says:

    jizz in my pant ^^

  • NinjatoBlade says:

    I don’t remember the details… But I think I bought the game after I saw this video…

  • Sangheilitat117 says:

    @Kodiak1521 I’m not contending that they can’t kill cruisers and battlecruisers, I’m saying they can’t kill Capital ships. And they shouldn’t be able to take battleships, if you’ve seen a frigate take down a battleship, that’s a shitty pilot with a shittier fit.

  • Idicious says:


    Don’t expect to be flying one of these in your first 3 years, alliances won’t fund one for you unless you have basicly perfect skills in everything that possibly effects this ship which alone takes a long time, along with training to be competent in other ships along the way (Battleships, T2 cruisers, command ships, T3 ships etc all take a long time in themselves)

  • Kodiak1521 says:

    @Sangheilitat117 uh dude. yes they can. frigates can kill cruisers, battlecruisers and battleships. has happened before. trust me on that. they may have low dps but that just means it’ll take longer to take you down.

  • Alienzzzzz01 says:

    if its a carrier does it have fighters in it? or is it a ‘carrier’

  • theguywhoplays says:

    @Able2235 nahh id use the eidolen

  • Shaedyn0 says:

    lol @ Sangheilitat. Take a breather? Also frigate can’t kill anything bigger than a cruiser? WTF you smoking? You’ve never seen a dramiel solo a mission running BS? Or a Stealth bomber?

  • Sangheilitat117 says:

    @UnknownXV Newer players have a spot on the battlefield, but only in terms of what’s called “tackling.” It’s basically using a Warp Disruptor and making sure enemy ships can’t warp away. Even a 100 frigate swarm would probably not get a Wyvern’s shields past 75%, a Wyvern can fit a heavy shield tank. Meanwhile the Wyverns drones would be ripping through the frigate swarm like they were paper. You need at least 20 battleships or a few other super-capitals to take down Super-Carrier.

  • Sangheilitat117 says:

    @KanShiK1 Sorry about that, you sounded like a typical internet tough guy.

  • KanShiK1 says:

    @Sangheilitat117 I realized my mistake of confusing wyverns with manticores right after having posted the comment. There was no need for an insult, you cretin.

  • UnknownXV says:

    @Sangheilitat117 True, I was exaggerating for effect, but it seems a bit crazy nonetheless that bigger ships are so vulnerable to small ones. I guess it’s only fair, gives newer players a spot on the battlefield.

    I’m fine with small ships being agile and very hard to hit, but I think 1 full volley hitting a small ship from any battleship class vessel should be game over. Fast, hard to hit, but very fragile. That’s fair.

  • Sangheilitat117 says:

    @UnknownXV There’s no way in hell a frigate could kill anything bigger than a cruiser. Frigates are fast sure, but Eve has damage point modifier system, frigates can only fit guns in the “small” category, and those don’t do too much damage to anything. Plus, the Wyverns drones will easily mop up any frigates or cruisers or battleships that can come at it. That’s what fighters and fighter-bombers are for, which only Super-Carriers like the Wyvern can launch.

  • Sangheilitat117 says:

    @KanShiK1 You’re fucking retarted, a Wyvern is a juvenile dragon. Go read some mythology and get back to me.

  • starpilot1241 says:

    is this acctually good for pvp?

  • YuTe3712 says:

    Looks like an axe.

  • KanShiK1 says:

    @theshane118 More like a scythe… or a scorpion’s sting… which is what a wyvern represents, since it was a half-lion half-scorpion creature.

  • UnknownXV says:


    Assuming 50 million isk per hour, it’d take 400 hours to get one of these ships, and I assume that’s without any modules or the skill books necessary to even get inside a ship like that.


    No wonder people are so careful and cautious in this game. I love that stuff has value and all, but it seems a tad bit too much for a game where you can lose it all to a frigate because your 20 billion isk ship doesn’t have point defense turrets.

  • WarzoneNinja2 says:

    Titan’s are meant to inflict massive damage…. Carriers & Motherships are meant to survive and repair others (logistics) if anything can survive sick dps its a mothership. its not a name without merit… i’ve flown one and it’s never died been through many a conflict many a battle fought against more than a number of scary titans i’ve named her Eterna… but that’s a while ago since i last played the game… seeing this makes me reminisce about the good ol’ days…

  • Ereshkigal616 says:

    personally i feel this ship with the rokh and scorpion and raven show more of Caldari military might than their titan. the Leviathan is nice but its not as imposing as these other ships i mentioned….still im biased to amarr but caldari are our homies so i give them props ^.^

  • nukeboy1994 says:

    @Able2235 Nah mate, use a titan, just to be sure :)

  • jakeurevig says:

    @forthereg a 1 mil sp player can earn about 1-2 mil per hour if they constantly grind lv2s in a cruiser. or if they have friends willing to take them on lv4s they can make maybe 2-5 mil per hour until their friend gets bored.

  • jakeurevig says:

    @aptspire contracts…. the blueprints for the capital ship parts and the blueprints for the ship are super ass expensive tho

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