Eve Online: Walking In Stations

This is a short video having a quick look at Incarna/The Captain’s Quarters on the Eve Duality server. Currently in development. If you want to have a play around yourself, I recommend using Sisi Launcher. Great tool and makes it easy to keep your Singularity and Duality clients up to date: wiki.eveonline.com Walking around is slow, there is currently no run option that I could find. That would help a lot to ease some frustration. Bit hard to see smaller ships, this video has an Orca though so easily visible. The new holographic ship models are nice to see working. I am still sceptical about walking in stations, I can’t see why you would use this over the existing interfaces, and hopefully they’re kept in the game so that you don’t need to walk around to do stuff.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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