EvE Online: Vagabond VS Drake

I found a Drake ratting in 0.0 so I killed it :O Just testing out some basic video editing program in preparation for when I get Sony Vegas, so please excuse the quality.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

49 Responses to “EvE Online: Vagabond VS Drake”

  • midgetydeath says:


    It still died

  • Kjata127 says:

    a drake should be able to hold a vagabond of due to its kinetic missiles being able to hit a vaga without problems, and kinetic is a vaga’s natrual weakness, the chances of a vaga fitting a ballistic deflection field are remote, so this drake pilot very sensibly loaded thunderbolts to kill a vagabond, smart idea, i mean… a vaga has 75% em shield resistence – what a tit

  • eezaak21 says:

    @tanjelotin Actually its very effective when you are soloing in 0.0. Give’s you a much better chance of survival.

  • lukepink says:


    Why u mad? You get killed by a vaga last week?

  • SeXeHRD says:

    @DewdInTheNewd may I have the fitting of your vaga?

  • billpadgett1 says:

    Lol, not even mad. Just curious why you’re avoiding the facts, man.

  • DewdInTheNewd says:

    @billpadgett1 This guy scores a 12/10 on the “umad-o-meter”

  • billpadgett1 says:

    Carebear, sir? I think not. I’m just a player that relies on skill and tactics, not having someone else do the work for me. So, not only are you a D-bag, a loser, AND a complete waste of space, you obviously don’t know what a carebear is. Still pathetic.

  • navman88 says:

    @billpadgett1 LOL wow, you must be a die hard carebear to get all defensive over this video. EvE is all about taking advantage of situations.

  • billpadgett1 says:

    @DewdInTheNewd So, doesn’t that mean that you did, in fact, have help? Npc or not you didn’t take the drake down on your own, you pathetic poser. You took advantage of a situation to make youself look better and get a killmail. Congratulations, you’re a d-bag, and a loser, and a complete waste of space. Stop lying on Youtube to look cool, as no one cares about you.

  • XuBlax says:

    @Pewpewchaos yea i smell bullshit too =/

  • DaAntnee says:

    @tanjelotin depends on what youre doing but generally yeah it makes it longer to lock shit and you dont get your medium neut to fend off tacklers :O

  • Pewpewchaos says:

    @Rocklobster888888 haha nice one :P

  • Rocklobster888888 says:


    I remember looking at my overview as I warped. He was going roughly 1700 m/s.

    Also, just as I began warp I saw a gate activation and his third friend entered system. I didn’t see his ship, however.

    I would have stayed and fought, however, when the battle became what was to be an obvious defeat, I fled. I think because I was so eager to engage him that I caught him off guard when I made a run for it.

  • Rocklobster888888 says:


    Yup. Jumped through and tried to warp, he pointed me, so I engaged. My shields fell to about 80% and after a couple volleys I had him at about 75% shields. Then I was jammed by his drones, and his friend in an Ishtar jumped through. I overloaded my MWD and started burning aligned. For some reason he didn’t take notice of the distance gap until too late. I broke 24km and before he could catchup/overload, I warped out.

  • Pewpewchaos says:

    @Rocklobster888888 you burnt away from a vaga in a drake 0_o

  • Rocklobster888888 says:


    I think you started recording late as well, considering his shields are at like 15% at the start of the vid. That or his tank vs rats is bad.

    I was flying my Drake through Stain today and a Vaga engaged me, and he had jamming drones. I would owned him, but his friend came through in an Ishtar, so I burned the hell out of there. Cost 5 drones and my MWD burned to hell, but that’s better than losing a Drake. :P

  • DewdInTheNewd says:

    @Fotenks They weren’t hams. They were regular heavies. He was ratting and this is one of the extremely rare times that i remembered to hit ‘record’ for FRAPS. So many good times not caught on video ( QQ Amamake memories *sigh*)

  • Fotenks says:

    How was the drake even hitting you? I thought HAMs only reach out to 20km, doesnt the vaga have crazy falloff so you can shoot beyond that and not get touched?

  • shadowninja7194 says:

    why must school start now? i wana go from trial to ownage

  • LostSeraffin says:

    learn to fight SOLO not with help from NPC and dont say ” I kill that Drake solo” :) )
    only a noob can say that =))

  • LostSeraffin says:

    this is the worst video I ever see ……. U take donw that Drake with help from NPC …. but SOLO u die honorably :) )

  • liberty211662 says:

    The npcs helped if it wasnt for them and if that drake had a slightly better fit you would have died horribly

  • lorddraguil says:

    yeah no solo here I can tank 2 vaga’s with ease

  • DannyBhoy123456 says:

    dont really seem like vaga vs drake its seems like rats killing drake and vaga stealing kill lmao and why didnt he just keep going away from the rats making it easier on him idiot

  • JamaicanMan18 says:

    decent guide to getting good intel.

    ceasing all mining and missioning during wars helps to dissuade people from keeping the war on as they are starved of easy kills (which are what the majority of wardecs are issued for)

    if you have trouble with members who dont want to stop missioning, mining for the wardec, kill them yourself.

  • eveonline247 says:

    A tutorial about War Decs was definitely needed on Youtube! Great video!

    I know you said there are different derivations for the Armor Cane fit; I prefer neuts mostly b/c of frigs & another EANM instead of a 3rd Gyro. I bet you have Trimarks, but you haven’t put them on yet? But yeh, the Med slots mostly vary for different people.

  • dzodzer says:

    Nice vid. Wish I knew more about this a few years ago. lol

  • ruijbarreiros says:

    @EndlessNerd Test alliance might have some nice stuff, but goons ? rly ? :)
    Speed fits avoid scrams easily, plus, you should never get in scram range, u got neuts for something, you got scram/webbed then neut then, if you can’t neut or your neuts aren’t enough, you prolly shouldn’t have enganged solo then (most likely only vs BS’s ), canes are awesome for solo pvp, specially the shield tank high dps fit, in the end, your target will regret trying to scram/web you getting so close, give it a try.

  • EndlessNerd says:

    @ruijbarreiros I’ve been playing this game since 2005. I still forget that rigs aren’t all one size and hugely overpriced from time to time. Skill points have not been an issue for awhile now.

  • EndlessNerd says:

    @ruijbarreiros i don’t really like getting into big fit v fit debates, but my fit assumes you’re solo (or small gang) and going to get scrammed/webbed. Much more survivable in that situation then a speed dependent buffer shield. As for examples, there are some major PVPers that use this fit. Look up Test Alliance and Goons

  • ruijbarreiros says:

    The cane fit I use, one of the standard variations on pastebin, use the url pastebinurl/AUYawZ14 replace pastebinurl with pastebin dot com

  • ruijbarreiros says:

    @EndlessNerd After all those comments I just did, only now I saw this one, you probably were too low on SP’s to fly canes back then ? because this standard cane fits exist for quite sometime, and you didn’t know them now ?

  • ruijbarreiros says:

    @EndlessNerd For good cane fits, search for some killboards around and check them out, preferably, null sec corps/alliances, you god pandemic legion, morsus mihi, razor etc (I would link some here but youtube doesn’t let me link url’s in the comments) Forget battleclinic, I couldn’t find a single proper fit there…

  • ruijbarreiros says:

    @EndlessNerd Can’t seem to comment url’s !! :S
    To add even more to the issue, rigs do benefit alot your ship systems, even t1 rigs, and since they’re so cheap now there’s rly no reason to no use them, still it’s a disposable ship, not quite expensive with insurance on. About no great rigs for cane pvp, there’s always good rigs for cane’s, shield rigs if you’re shield tanking, either extends or resists, for armor tanks, trimarks, for gank setups projectile rigs to further increase dps.

  • ruijbarreiros says:

    @EndlessNerd There’s obviously several ways of fitting ships, but, for pvp canes, you’re doing it quite wrong imo, I suggest you look around KB’s all over the web about cane fits, and you’ll see what’s the standard pvp can fit being used by pretty much everyone around, minnie ships excel on speed, using armor tanking on a cane will only cripple the cane, that’s why many (if not the majority) shield tanks the cane, next comment I’ll stick some example fittings.

  • EndlessNerd says:

    @Blindeamon you’re right, I looked again after reading his post. I’m stuck in my ways sometimes (still forget there are *sizes* on rigs now)

  • EndlessNerd says:

    @Blindeamon I’ve done it, just don’t warp to the belt until the delay is up, and fit accordingly. Alternatively, Vagabonds and Cynabals do this well :)

  • EndlessNerd says:

    @Blindeamon Spent a few years with Hammer of Light, lived in Providence with Aegis Militia when CVA still controlled the area. Fought off -A- and UK on a daily basis. Went to their home systems and AFK cloaked and ganked ratters. Did a few major fleet engagements, never ended well :P

  • Blindeamon says:

    good start to what to do to prepare for a war dec, from a guy who decs miners all the time in eve :P But you don’t cover any tactics. I was wondering what you actual pvp exp is

  • Blindeamon says:

    @EndlessNerd the lock delay along with long lock time of a BC on a smaller ratting ship already kind of screws this up, better off just roaming for targets in low and null.

  • Blindeamon says:

    @majormarks thats what high sec wars are about, form a corp, pick a target of the size you want.

  • Blindeamon says:

    @EndlessNerd what… there are great rigs for a hurricane…

  • EndlessNerd says:

    @ruijbarreiros I looked again because of you, and I suppose that Targetting System Subcontrollers would work… :P

  • EndlessNerd says:

    @majormarks solo pvp. move to null sec or low sec. Put on a cloaking device on a pvp fit battlecruiser. Warp near a belt (near by moon, planet).  Stay cloaked. Point directional scanner at belt and wait. Keep refreshing the scanner. Someone starts mining/ratting, decloak, warp in, take’m out :)

  • EndlessNerd says:

    @ruijbarreiros there really aren’t any great rigs that enhance the Hurricane for PVP. Only T2 are any good for it, and they bring the price up to high. These things are supposed to be disposable :P

  • ruijbarreiros says:

    Get some rigs dude!!! :P

  • majormarks says:

    I’d love for you to do a guide about solo pvp.  I mean some things are obvious, guns and tackling modules, but I find it very difficult sometimes to balance tank and DPS, while staying cheap.

    I can also never find a target to kill!

  • EndlessNerd says:

    @Thejbirdboy I did, should be interesting. May actually buy a PS3 now :P

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