Eve Online: united we stand, divided we fall

As the Nation continues it’s attacks with renewed vigor, can the capsuleers unite to face this common threat? the music is from two steps from hell ‘love & loss’

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  • mryellow123 says:

    Real eve players quit years ago.

  • Reynndrake says:

    Not really… because if they were really eve players, they wouldn’t be little private server bitches. Real eve players PLAY EVE.

  • Helge129 says:

    In fact it runs on several 100 servers, forming multiple server clusters. Tranquility is one of the clusters.

  • katushkin89 says:


  • Vosslen says:

    would have been better if this were a drake blob >.>

  • dareapa1 says:

    actually 4 servers, tranquility (main) singularity (testing) serenity (chinese) and duality (open to public only for special mass tests).

  • mryellow123 says:

    If you find some good private servers there are about 200k eve players looking for one.

  • mryellow123 says:

    Not a bad title for the CCPGames fail-cascade.

  • penitent2401 says:

    eve online runs on 3 servers, tranquility is the main international public server, singularity is their test server. the chinese has their own server, serenity.
    the servers uses the biggest super computer in gamming industry and since the game is completely player driven with economics, storylines and wars all in player’s control, it’s not possible for a free private server to exist.

  • NinjatoBlade says:

    10 seconds into the video, I stopped it, turned off the lights, went to full screen, turned up the volume all the way, and then sat back and watched it 5 times…

    Anyone else do that?

  • NinjatoBlade says:

    Ohmaigod, private servers would be so horrible for this game, no realistic wars with huge numbers, such an empty and lonely universe….

    Reminds me of SiSi lol.

  • jarekprdel says:

    i would love if there were private servers for that…but as delonewolf mentioned, that will never happen. You see, the entire EVE runs on 60 or so computers, each with a huge CPU (+/- 16 GHz each). And unfortunately, not many people have that kind of setup in their homes :-/

  • delonewolf says:

    that will never happen. check the livestream of fanfest or read the devblogs, the hardware needed for an eve server is not something one can set up and then allow players to play for free. 15bucks a month is totally worth it and if you play well enough you can play for free, 350 million isk a month and you can play on plex, you just need some smarts or effort.

  • rotwfighter says:

    eve rocks i just hope they can start private servers for it too cause im too cheap to pay 15 smackaroos a month.

  • megbulb says:

    i need to find john conner

  • AlaricScandoveski says:

    Fatyal & The Rabbit.

    You have our support…

  • AlaricScandoveski says:

    Fatal & The Rabbit.

    Freedom and Profit.

    Stay out of our territory.

  • delonewolf says:

    I’LL BE BACK (thumbs up if you just read this in the terminator voice)

  • inflamed666 says:

    Guy talking sounds like Arnold Schwarzenneger…

  • oghmaeve says:

    The corrupted, lying, thiving, self importance empires must pay! We the capsuleers of 8BITS support the Sansha fight for freedom.

  • Zerebrat87 says:

    the scene at 1:16 is epic

  • TruthApple88 says:

    New expansion pack should e released in Nov this year with the NATION going batshit and invading! Shud be gud!

  • delonewolf says:

    i keep an eye on the channels ‘live events’ and ‘synepublic’ the second one is an in character channel.

  • Potatonaught says:

    has there been an active campaign and intel channel regarding the sansha attacks?

  • SergeantBeans says:

    sooo many lazorz =0

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