EvE Online – Unauthorized Military Presence L4 – Golem vs Angels

A level four mission from EvE Online called “Unauthorized Military Presence”. Flying a Golem … a Marauder (T2 Battleship). —————————— Eine Level 4 Mission von EvE Online genannt “Unautorisierte Militärische Präsenz”. Geflogen mit einer Golem … ein Marauder (T2 Schlachtschiff). —————————— A video from my series “Spacemiezi’s Missionsrunning (EvE)”. Playlist found here if you want to check it out: www.youtube.com —————————— Missiontime: ~25min including warpin, warpout, and salvaging. I like flying missions with my Golem against the Angel Cartel. Cause the enemies orbit you in short range and you dont have to pull the wrecks over tons of kilometers to you with the tractor beam. Also they’ve a high velocity. That comes in hand to get close to you in a quick way. On the other side… You’ve alot of work to do during missions due to pulling and salvaging the wrecks. Also you must keep an eye on your drones cause sometimes they dont attack the targets they actually should when they are toggled to “aggressive” (as you can see in this video). ;) Anyway… It’s still fun to fly this ship. :) Enjoy … … “Dare to be bold, pilot” … ________________________________________ Comments, Ratings, what ever … are still welcome. Credits and detailed infos shown at the end of movie.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

Ima firin’ mah lazor!

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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