eve-online Uac marines War pt 1 (noob ambush)

I just joined a newly created corporation by the name of “UAC Marines”. About a Month or 2 in one of our Corp members got us War Dec’d by some griefers I suppose. Lol they started camping our stations 24/7 and poppin our ships one by one. We decided to set up a ambush in a safespot outside the station. And with the assistance of a REPO member we kicked their ass. I lost my ship(thorax and vexor) the day before so I am flying a trystan setup with ecm’s galore in the video. Don’t know if the corporation is still active or what happened to all the members, but if you still play eve drop me some eve-mail sometime. My in game name – Elmonesto. This is the fun you can expect to have as long as you find yourself some allies or an active corporation. part 2 www.youtube.com

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  • UrbanFoxRed says:

    not like chess. its real-time and you can go where you want usually when you want.

  • holydogable says:

    You know a pod would be safer then a shuttle. With insta align, its the suggested mode of travel for a lot of 0.0 pilots.

  • i13m says:

    I had the 14 day trial, and loved the game. the strat, the pvp, the depth and feel, the huge area… it was amazing. i will probably buy it when i get paid next.

  • Joshua11195 says:

    See. thats the kinda tactical Setup And cooperation That makes games like eve fun. We Can take down Anyone with team work. With the right amount of Dedicated Players we have even taken down titans

  • Gunnerkelly says:

    Stupid people often think so, yep.

  • MrLuciansmith says:

    whats your ingame name mail it to me

  • MrLuciansmith says:

    UAC marines sounds very familiar

  • coolL9457 says:

    ive tried the free 14 day trial. it ended but i didnt use it to its full extent. i had to go on holiday for 10 of those days. dnt want to buy what im not sure of so i would like a 23 day trial

  • gamerx112 says:

    wtf, even in low security, you can lower your security level that sucks.

  • methos319 says:

    you earned that ship i got a better one for free!

  • worksmagic89 says:

    hey is dis game like a chess game or can u move as much as u want & do u have to pay 4 the 23 day trial

  • Crazyflow07 says:

    Pass on this game? this game freaking rocks. It’s really interesting and hard to master since it has ridiculously too many options and menus. I used the trial and played for 3 days then i got my account to full account. This game has an option of paying for your months to play by paying with in game money. The real fun comes when you are in a corp and have real wars. Message me if you want a 23 day trial. Only message me if you think you’ll stay to play the game and get it to full account.

  • jgotts1 says:

    the game is not boring… these players just sux at it. So much effort to kill one hurricane. Any of my mega pilots would have killed that cane solo in under 30 seconds….

  • TheJaymky says:

    x gonna give it to you

  • cuda163 says:

    what is song at 3:12?

  • dareapa1 says:

    that would be project reality, not this.

  • Jeff55369 says:

    when a ship is destroyed its gone forever. the only ship you’ll get a replacement for automatically is the starter ship.

  • immuki says:

    do you lose your current ship if you are simply killed?

  • TheDigitalWatcher says:

    screw u bitch!

  • sevcheko24 says:

    Its intresting game, i destroyed a ship and engaged my whole corporation in a 3vs 3 corporation war. Alright.

  • stuffmajig says:

    = nerd with no comebacks

  • seethebob says:

    i might buy this but i cant install the free trail…dont ask and if some1 could answer my questions, when u first start do u get a free ship? when u blow up/die do u get a new free ship?, and do control just your ship or do control several?

  • TheDigitalWatcher says:

    your’e boring swarthy; this game PWNS!

  • cashbg says:

    Lol shield booster / Armor plate/ Armor repper…
    What a Fuking good Fit xD


    And you did… what, exactly, during your trial? Exploration? Missions? PvP? Ratting? Market trading? Manufacturing? Mining? Or some sub-category under those generalities (i.e. ninja salvaging, can flipping, corp/empire warfare, lowsec piracy)?

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