EvE Online Tutorial – Starter – Ratting [Eve Co Pilot]

evecopilot.net Starter Tutorial – Ratting – A Quick start quide to ratting in eve. The aim of this tutorial is to get you able to start Ratting and turnign a profit from the basic combat options within eve.

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25 Responses to “EvE Online Tutorial – Starter – Ratting [Eve Co Pilot]”

  • anonymouswastaken says:

    4:44 … I see what you did there…. haha

  • moofymoo says:

    should set bookmarks some 1000m above or below asteroid belt. warping right into space rocks is bad for warping quickly out.

  • bluesmoke21 says:

    @thc024 yeah… like how many? you have to kill a lot to get one worth that much, I don’t know anyone to do that these days… I prefer ninja salvaging

  • thc024 says:

    @bluesmoke21 some npcs are worth 500k isk or more

  • bluesmoke21 says:

    this is shit, who really does that?

  • asfadasfa1234 says:

    Lol i didnt know about checking services of the station so when i wanted to rat in 0.5 sec (before i watched this obviously) and i had to keep flying to different stations so that i could find one that had a repairshop lol.

  • asfadasfa1234 says:

    the copper tags from the rats sell for 50,000 ISK where i am. which owns. because my ship is a frigate (not noob ship) its a navidas (the biggest gallente frigate) which holds about 220 m3 space so this is a lot more effective than mining. thanks

  • SparkMan527 says:

    How do I find a lower level security system?

  • Abband0n says:

    This was a nice vid. I wish you had mentioned the next step in PVE after random belt searching.

  • asidonhopo53 says:

    well done.
    this is a good batch of information presented quickly and clearly.
    thank you for putting it together.

  • TheXordinary says:

    I have 861M isk ( got from my friend..) and only about 270k SP.. i advanced too quickly i think at the starting missions and cant realy complete the remaining!!…

    I use railguns at the price of 4.5M each.. but some targets they just keep on missing! also i get webified all the time so i cant move out in optimal RANGE ITS FRUSTRATING..

    also i dont have enough drone skills

    I pretty much only use capacitor and powergrid boosting things in my low and mid power slots.. o.o

    - i have played for 5d

  • LoadedFront says:

    What would be a good sec level for a thrasher? I have a feeling 0.8 will be too easy, I was thinking of a 0.6 or 0.5 but im not sure what kinda rats I would find there.

  • LIFESaREALLYlongGAME says:

    good video mate, really clear and covers all the basic elements that an advanced player often misses out in tutorials because most of it becomes second nature. Please make some more!”

  • liberty211662 says:

    What is the highest security in eve online and what kind of traffic goes on there.

  • xampx2k7 says:

    Damn good video, Thanks for making this

  • Thedarksnw says:

    Ratting in empire on a noob shit is a horrible way of making profit. To succeed at ratting you need to level up your system, means only you should be the one flying around belts so noone ocasionally kills whole good pack and you lose leveled belt. Check out my guides for an alternative ;p.

  • Thesilverstar1 says:

    Thanks for the info. i’m downloading the 14 day trail right now. hopefully this comes in use.

  • Halciett says:

    I plan on starting my Eve career soon, if anyone wants to use their recruit a buddy, just let me know.

  • hwj943 says:

    thanks for the vid

  • ChenAnMw2 says:

    No you can always shoot with all your weapons if you fit 1 gun module and then it exist 2 guns only 1 can shoot and another position other gun shoots so its 8/4

  • MrWooaa says:

    i am wondering, do all off your turrets allwas shoot at your target? in otherwords, are there any positions were your target could only be hit by 1 or two of your wepons?

  • blackhawk2442 says:

    could have used a better ship….

  • kessaheve says:

    all that bookmarking the asteroid belts is completely not needed.

  • HrMadsen says:

    good guide, thanks :)

  • TomChair says:

    This was very helpful. Thank you.

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