EvE Online Tutorial – Starter – Missiles [Eve Co Pilot]

evecopilot.net Starter Tutorial – Shooting Missiles – A basic tutorial on how missiles works, the ranges and advantages over turrets and how to get the most damage out of your missiles.

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  • Tenzek says:


    This is not true except in the case of Interceptors which get a reduced penalty from MWDs. You most certainly take a lot more damage with a MWD active. This is basic EVE 101 knowledge and too easily verified to have a debate.

    This is also why missile-using mission runners try to hit NPC frigates when they’re MWD’ing so they will insta-pop. A very commonly used tactic that it’s difficult to be unaware of.

  • Assasins3396 says:

    @Tenzek Microwarp drives increase signature radius, yes that is true, but a MWd’ing Frig, will take less damage from missiles then a frig with a afterburner, or a just with no movement modules, its some very very weird thing in which basically althought it does increase Sig radius (Sig radius is loved by bombs =P ) you are moving faster, and its like if you are driving at 60KMPH, and someone hits you in the back at 55KMPH, it will hurt more then getting hit at 10KMPH

  • BalthazzarCH says:

    @McBlemmen it does less damage because it has less surface…. it also has less HP though so it will get blownup anyway.. it’s just ugly on the DPS meter (if something like that exists in EvE)

  • Tenzek says:

    The reason a microwarp drive makes a small ship take more damage is that it increases your sig radius by a large amount.

    I am not sure what your comment is about, but if you’re confused about how a MWD works feel free to ask on the EVE forums. I tend to check them on lunch breaks.

  • usaruler4567 says:

    @Tenzek Microwarp drive anyone?

  • StormHornet56 says:

    @McBlemmen So from your point, you are right. A small ship can’t defend itself, and will get destroyed from one volley. The big ship has a larger surface area, so each missile will do much more damage.

  • StormHornet56 says:

    @McBlemmen The missile itself would do less damage. The small ship would get annihilated.
    Let’s say a dreadnought has 20k shield points, and a cruiser has 1k.
    The large missile hits both, and does 4k damage to the dreadnought. The cruiser is much smaller, so the missile’s explosion radius doesn’t all hit the ship. It does only 3k to the cruiser. That is enough to destroy some cruisers outright, though.

  • jenjess12 says:

    the phoenix is a nice missile boat example for range with bout 120km missile range

  • Kiyl24 says:

    WHOA – If at 0:00 you look at the chat, im at the top, names Kiyl


  • McBlemmen says:

    @Tenzek Ohhh right , thanks man

  • Tenzek says:

    @McBlemmen The idea is supposed to be that the damage caused by the explosion is contained in the entire explosion. If you’re so small that not all of the explosion can make contact with you (the explosion is much bigger than you) then some of the force of the explosion “misses” and the damage is reduced.

    The other part of it is flight speed against explosion velocity. If you’re faster than the explosion then you can outrun some of the force of it.

  • Tenzek says:

    “Flying directly away” has nothing at all to do with missile damage. It’s just how fast you’re going - direction doesn’t matter. The reason why you didn’t see a change in damage when you started to move is because you weren’t moving fast enough against the explosion velocity of the missiles.

  • McBlemmen says:

    I dont get the logic behind “hitting smaller targets does less damage” , It should do more damage since the small shit cannot defend itsellf from a huge missle coming straight at it.

  • startide says:

    @startide On the over hand, calda ships have damage types bonus (often kinetic), so if you are not shooting kinetic damage based missiles, then your losing lot of DPS.

    Finaly, as far as missiles are concerned, when they work just like regular weapons as far as signature radius is concerned. It’s not the exact same mechanic, but it’s very similar : torps will do shit damage against frigates because they have a bigger sig radius than their target. Using target painters will help !

  • startide says:

    PVP wise : missiles suxx because it takes them too long to reach their target, while arty, railguns and lasers do insta damage. 10 seconds reloading is the same for railguns BTW so it’s not missiles specific. In fleet battle your missiles will never reach the target becaused it will be longed alpha’d by the time they get there :)

    As for PVE : the main advantage for starters is that missiles always hit. They are much easier to deal with for that reason ! That and damage types of course.

  • MiniGamerTai says:

    @alpha9190 Also be the last

  • alpha9190 says:

    he forgot to mention the missile bombardment and prejection skill which extends your range as well

  • alpha9190 says:

    im the first who comments :)

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