Eve Online Trinity Expansion graphics trailer

Nice graphics, but how’s the game play?

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Un vistazo general al Eve www.megaupload.com

Video Rating: 5 / 5

8 Responses to “Eve Online Trinity Expansion graphics trailer”

  • valcan321 says:

    Awesome. LOL not sure but it is.

  • povmcdov says:

    yes, an actual year. Eve is a long term proposition. For example, The skill I have training at the moment on my main character finishes in 26 days.
    Its a bit easier these days as you start with a fair few skills, but even so it would take 3-4 months to get even close to proficiency in a battleship. If you want to fly capital ships then they take months to train for, let alone affording them.
    Eve ain’t pacman.

  • tehcheeseitman says:

    wait, like, a actoual human year? like 365 days?

  • Fullperson says:

    I really hope our space doesn’t turn out like this lol

  • simseman says:

    whats the song called ??

  • povmcdov says:

    It plays well, but its not for everyone. you need patience and a bit of intelligence to do well in eve. It has the potential to be more epic than any other MMO though – imagine battles involving hundreds of people as you fight to defend what you have spent a year building. It is unique.

  • rockstar8244 says:

    graphics are awesome, i’ve been playing for 3 years, eve is like a drug that costs 15 dollars a month.

  • planelander says:

    Love the Crysis2 Pick +1

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