EVE Online – Trade Update

while on a trade run in Dodixie i try to explain what i’m keeping an eye on at the moment and what events i expect to have an impact on the market

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  • DSCP46 says:

    Hulks are sitting on 400M now due to Hulkageddon being announced… You should have bought them at 200M.. :)

  • propjam2 says:

    that was an awesome video

  • delonewolf says:

    i’m not very active with trading but i’ve been bargain hunting for at least a year and made a few very good deals with it.

  • JonnyPew says:

    I can’t see myself becoming a trader in eve. Although, I am quite envious of how much isk can be made through trading. How long have you dabbled in the eve market?

  • delonewolf says:

    from what i gather the russian war, solar/XIX, is probably the one that’s costing most hulls at the moment, PL is also involved in that one, but i’m refering to the 0.0 winter war in general, kicked off by the CFC vs WN. lots of action and lots of ships that will need to be replaced so far this winter.

  • Grabpowa says:

    what war are you refering to?

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