EVE online: The Mighty Machariel running a mission.

PLEASE READ: This is just a video that I made to show my friends how I solo the bonus room of the “angel extra” lvl4 mission, and also cause I think the footage with this music is worth uploading :) Music: Battlefield – Blind guardian. The Machariel is a truly awesome ship both in pvp and pve, and I find it really more effective than a Raven (or Navy raven, and even golem) for missioning cause it deals a LOT more dps, and also, contrary to the raven where you just sit like a noob and launch missiles (you are also permaruning your shield booster cause you think that tank is more important than dps in missions), you have to play a bit more smartly in a machey. Using normal ammo. FITTING: 7guns, 1 nos. AB, shield booster, 2 invul, 1 shield boost amplifier. 1 Damage control, 3 gyrostab, 3 tracking enhancer. Rigs: Shield booster capacitor cost reduction (cant remember the name :/)

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