EVE Online: The Awoxer – Goons have been pwned

EVE Online: The Awoxer – Goons have been pwned A story about ways to fight against goons and their carebear life :) Not a manual, but you’ll see how to bump capitals out of force field, how to talk with goons, how to help them to lose weight. I dunno why this hysterically bad short-term is used for a spy who joins your corp as an agent of a hostile corp, but eve is eve, so “if you’re awoxing – do it big” :) And as goonwiki says: “You must post the porn after, so it is written (in the wiki) so it must be!” so here it is: goon’s dread and several towers are history via my own goon, get your’s as soon as possible – it is fun! btw I love goons and everything they do, I even voted for The Mittani, but that is an exact reason to awox them hard, so do not stay aside, join their ally and make as much damage’n'profit as you can. oh, and never bump capitals with a BC, better take a BS, it’ll be much faster and easier. DON’T WONNA BEE A PART OF SOMETHING BIG? DON’T WONNA BEE A PART OF SOMETHING AWFUL? THEN FIND YOUR OWN GOON AND PWN HIM! EVERYONE HAS TO PWN HIS GOON! Evenews24 www.evenews24.com English thread forums.eveonline.com Russian thread forum.eve-ru.com

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Gangris, in association with Dark Nemesis, brings you carrier kills within a wormhole. Not even W-Space can save you from the fury of the Dark Nemesis. Using the fleet warp tactic, we get a carrier to warp to us at a “Pos Bust” we were helping them out on. With a triage carrier (the thany, oh and we stole that from them and refit it in the WH) as support, we were able to eventually take them down. Only one of the two carriers showed up with the fleet warp, but the other one came to save the day a couple of minutes later. Now, the reason why this took so long was that the wormhole was a class 4 with bonuses for cap recharge and remote reps. That said, once this happened, Spartan Alliance was no more. Ships Flown: Ashimmu FC: Major Stallion Songs: Death Before The Master by Alestorm, Eifersucht by Rammstein, and One Step Closer by Linkin Park.

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