Eve Online: The 0rphanage Versus Snatch Victory (Iidoken Fleet Fight)

Gangris, in association with Project Nemesis and The 0rphanage, bring you a fleet fight against Snatch Victory in Iidoken on a gate. The errors in this video are due to Gangris being rusty at fleet commanding, and that he only had three hours of sleep the previous night. Yes, I know I was calling a harbinger a hurricane for a little bit, but everyone knew what the primary was. And yes, that french sounding dude did irritate the fleet for not following orders, and we really couldn’t save him. Ships Flown: Hurricane FC: Gangris (Zer0 KooL backup) Engagement: prons.griefwatch.net Music: A Little Less Conversation (JXL Remix) By Elvis Presley

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Apoc pilot loses his ship for the sake of a 2k isk module!! Some people never learn. Enjoy

Video Rating: 5 / 5

30 Responses to “Eve Online: The 0rphanage Versus Snatch Victory (Iidoken Fleet Fight)”

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    @Trolozaur lol

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:


  • barkensen says:

    Interesting. Wheres is this empirical evidence that they actually had a spy in Adopt?

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    snatch had a spy in adopt, every time we tried to fight they knew what we were doing, so prons went out without telling adopt what we were doing and we ended up getting a good fight. I guarantee you have not fought prons and consistently won

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    @Trolozaur you have no idea who project nemesis is do you, and you do not know the back story about this fight. At least have the decency to do a bit of research before making comments

  • Bogel91 says:

    Only takes 18 of you to kill 5 of them nice.  Also shield hurricane is great if you know how to fly it.

  • Sargethepyromaniac says:

    Good job butters
    Shame that fagtard ( not Zero) kept on talking over you and the rest of ADOPT too

  • Sargethepyromaniac says:

    Ever heard of falloff?

  • Sargethepyromaniac says:

    Mwaa mwaa mwaa…. prons left ADOPT long long time ago
    thanks for the pointless comment

  • barkensen says:

    Looks like a good fight. You outnumbered them though, but still okay. Whats funny is that Snatch can take you 0rphanage guys any day. Skillwise, and i have fought both of you, they are far superior.

  • Zapinz says:

    Hey buddy, who cares if you fry your AC when you get that kill? Also keeping track of intel, being the FC, and having an idiot talk over you is hard enough without fucking something up. No matter, the end result was no losses in this engagement. I should have went down though for being the first one to decloak on this side of the gate. Also nanocanes are a cute idea, but I prefer the more solid armor with the mids for utility mods. FUCK YEAH ARMOR CANE!

  • forthereg says:

    well ppl DO use nanocanes …but i still do think that invul field on cane is retarded .
    what that comment was supposed to Highlight was the fact that u were in a cane and u had basilisk logi which i guess isn’t your fault . and the fact that you fried your autocannons !
    No surprise your dumb ass didn’t get it … I should have anticipated that … my fault !

  • Zapinz says:

    Are you fucking retarded? I’m a damn armour cane, there’s no fucking way I am going to put invulns AND a plate. It was a quick gang, so no time for good comp, we just got lucky the bassys were nearby.

  • forthereg says:

    lock overload .
    and swap web and booster with 2 invuls since u have basalisk or whatever it is u use.

  • theguywhoplays says:

    VOiice Crack

  • DarkRezo says:

    good fight

  • Ferdinand52 says:

    Attacking the phobos with your AC at 22km ^_^ gotta love it


  • Zapinz says:

    Never bothered turning it on again, the pod KM was not that important,
    Overheated to make sure that geddon died, I could still KM whore with neuts.
    Fuck shield hurricanes TBH
    Misclick on the drones, thought I did, and I was distracted with other things.

    Please log in trap like this more? :3

  • Arnold Schmidt says:

    - no use of the sensor booster while locking a pod?
    - overheat the turrets to 100%?
    - using scimitar on a armor-BC? (next time fly a shield hurri plz) and
    - why u didnt scope the drones at the gate? that was ur last dmg!

    outnumbert ftw! (-_-)

  • sir3ntropy says:

    Nicely done, Gangris. You sounded a lot less angry to me than I’d heard you were…

  • Th30rphanage says:

    Great Fight Guys!

  • ne1wicked says:

    lawl i like his long range crystals on a short range frig with no drones mwahaha i wish i could get this lucky

  • EviLNox8 says:

    ….what….how…..what?….no way.

  • jards8595 says:

    it was 100% a noob. At todays prices who would be stupid enough to do this to themselves???

  • ripper9191 says:

    thats no a noob im 100% that apoc was his alt

  • Lockey69 says:

    oh rly, small world bro, Rowlands Gill here, 5 mins drive from metty centre :)

  • jards8595 says:

    hey mate aye it was fun lol!! just been watching one of your videos, north eastern lad eh? im newcastle myself. cheers for watching

  • Lockey69 says:

    lol good catch :) 

  • cptnjesus says:

    ok screw trading for today, Imma go and kill some mission runners!

  • TheBienator says:

    must have been a noob. kept on firering in his pve fitting.

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