Eve Online: Suicide Gank: Insta-pop Hulk (Maelstrom) (Updated)

Nice. Really strong performance by Concord there too!

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Having useful spies are critical to an alliance’s success in EVE Online.

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  • Malpherian says:

    What range were you at? and I wonder if this would work better with a cheaper ship like the Tornado (Think it does more damage then that mal honestly) might be wrong though.

  • zanderkiller00 says:

    I agree with you man he don’t know shit i mean i use a destroyer but still its not a waste to use a BS like what 100 mill or so for 230 millions iso ship at least sounds fair to me!

  • MrElliottdarnel says:

    ok align first when you hit full align shoot then warp ?

  • KalaaQ says:


  • projectsj says:

    you sir, know nothing about hi-sec hulk ganking

  • KalaaQ says:

    In a BS, what a waste. Use cane

  • knurlykneed says:

    Paid back can flippers: It Works! Continuously jettisoning 1 unit of velspar to leave behind garbage cans (dang appropriate name) , while mining for your own full shipboard load, has proven to be a nice payback for can flipper rats as evidenced by chat channels.

  • projectsj says:

    Aww, this faggot is a dumb ass miner isn’t he?

  • mynameisray says:

    Awe this dick is a big man isn’t he?

  • simonedday says:

    Nah hulks take too long to align :P

  • SchwartzBOSS says:

    Isnt passive targetter better than 2x sensor boosters for gank?

  • salgod says:

    poor guy, probably out there, mining the trit, thinking “I’m going to get those named lazers!!!” how sad . . .

  • KapTein7 says:

    thers always some dude who would rather have done this or fit this blah blah!

  • avatarhammer says:

    hmm how much isk did the hulk lose compared to how much isk you lost on your malestrom ? me personally i would rather sit off a gate & catch a hauler with a 100or 200 million worth of stuff & alpha strike his ship alt least that way your buddy can scoop his loot & you can make some money

  • Forza Ninetails says:

    // jk

  • matthewlue says:

    Wow, you use phased plasma or fusion???  faction ammo you used i assume.

    Gonna try this with a cheaper geddon :p this is going to give ~7800 alpha with Large projectile weapon III (training in progress) and other gunnery skills i have, mostly @ IV some V. would that be enough?

    [Armageddon, Suicide Arty 1]

    7x 1400mm Prototype I Siege Cannon (Republic Fleet Phased Plasma L)

    Reactor Control Unit I
    7x Pneumatic Stabilization Actuator I

  • projectsj says:

    Its easy.

    8 x 1400mm Artys
    2 x Sensor booster with Scan Res Scripts
    5 x Gyros (I use T2s as I get em for less than most named gyros :)

    I also tend to fit a Tracking Computer with tracking speed script now too.

  • mickile says:

    Nice! Can u post your fit please.

  • boinaverdee says:

    damm,what ship this is and wha you fit to insta pop him??

  • jesusdiedL0L says:

    nice indeed

  • JonnyPew says:

    Thank you for teaching that miner that it’s not completely safe to shoot rocks in high-sec.

  • reddog418 says:

    I’m curious. You’re giving people shit about wasting your time staring at dots. You watched a video about watching dots. How much reallife time do you invest to comment on a youtube video? And before you comment back, I’m at work, so I’m making money doing this.

  • gtvapsamtik says:

    that’s eve waste your life

  • przldePL says:

    Zapraszam na Polskie Centrum Eve Online. Link na mojej stronie w profilu YT.

  • Serckep says:

    I rofled hard

  • Serckep says:

    I’m rofling so hard at all these comments. “Evil orange squares” “Big bubbles”

  • st1nkyman says:

    Well, now that you’ve been so nice I feel like a right asshat for being snarky. My apologies ;p.

  • RunningBlader says:

    ah, I understand now, but yea your comment made me laugh. ;)

  • st1nkyman says:

    Played it for about 4 years until I quit shortly after the debacle which was Incarna. I was watching this vid for nostalgia and my wife came up behind me and said “Is that the game you used to play where the purple and orange squares were fighting?”. Her comment cracked me up so I decided to share her perspective with the wonderful world of YouTube. Thank you for your cutting and witty reply though.

  • kafutunga says:

    No sir, I don’t think he has.

  • RunningBlader says:

    You really haven’t played EVE have you? lol

  • st1nkyman says:

    As you can see: Eve online is a rewarding game where you take Purple squares and pit them against the evil Orange squares. The side that flashes the most lines between these squares on a slow moving screen wins.

  • snipper1226 says:

    so they were fighting russian guys p.p

  • mhtsaklas says:

    Don’t scare people, there’s also mining, where there’s a rock instead of a bubble

  • Duskheart97 says:

    Yes because what are they going to do? Blow it up? That’s a whole lot of time and isk to throw away.

  • Avenaur says:

    Yes, this is representative of 99% of the game. get out

  • DheeradjS says:

    Large fleet battles happen daily, Titans not though.

  • krazykrunit says:

    do things like this happen a lot

  • heylookurdead says:

    Hi my name is Jim Scary in the game Eve Online. I currently reside in the system Fricoure. Apparently someone told me if i was such a badass i’d announce it everywhere i visit so that’s what im doing. This is an open invitation to anyone who wants to cum and fight me in fricoure. i prefere surprise since im always ready oh and i kill people who cant defend themselves and collect their tears :)

  • 77Cardoza77 says:

    Ya this really makes ppl interested in this game…. 20 minutes of lookin at a bubble

  • Broneher says:

    хуйня война, главное маневры.

  • Devilock79 says:

    This has nothing to do with spies. The titan pilot was Shadoo, Pandemic Legion’s main dude. He just bridged the Goon fleet because the battle was over and Shadoo’s actually a pretty good guy. Do you really think a “titan spy” would blow his cover to bridge a bunch of reds home in front of his entire fleet?

  • AKOverlord says:

    This video seems to be the calm between the storms.

  • cookiesmightexist says:

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  • AngelMafia12 says:

    /watch?v=-Lz6v6d4t7c this guy is a legendary Eve pvper. It’s not your typical video, this guy is world-class, but it does show what’s possible with dedication. Also check out /watch?v=XrYe_4vHzgE. They’re long, but this is some of the highest quality pvp content that’s out there.

  • redskins998877 says:

    do you mind giving me a couple links to videos that really showcase the game then? i am having a real difficult time to find a video.

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