EVE Online – Stealth Bomber (Nemesis)

Another video captured in Singularity Server (the Test Server) testing the new features of the Stealth Bombers. In this case, a Gallente Bomber, the Nemesis.

Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  • atwoods3 says:

    Message me with your email address to receive a 21 day buddy invite. Also if you decide to subscribe to the game i’ll send you 250 million isk. Dont believe anyone claiming to offer a 30 day trial there is no such thing. the longest possible trial period is 21 days.

  • TheCoCkTa1l says:

    Whoooa, damn close. Nice one.

  • JennyAakiwa says:

    Close one, gotta be careful with those bloodly drones. :(

  • Bournesax says:

    it looks like tristan

  • CA1CWilliams says:

    thatll put some hair on ur chest :D

  • mini11mak says:

    i thinking of flying a stealth bomber, 2 questions, how much damage do the torps do avg with 2 target painters on ur target? and how much do bombs do in general?

  • mgfurst says:

    he got blown up in warp

  • freshmanwas says:

    ITs the time that matters.
    Im not bothered to dock and re-fit another ship.
    takes ages. :(

  • powerman923 says:

    I thought you can’t use the covert ops cloak with stealth bombers.
    I havent played in a while though so I’m probably a noob again. :P

  • DetonationXL says:

    why warp away on sisi..

    serious always see people eject from ship or warp away cuz they are scared to lose their ship…. cmon fitting a ship on sisi is only like 5K isk total :)

  • Fragem420 says:

    yea fail your bomber would be fucking dead

  • generalj02 says:

    thats 2 or 3 torps, and a failing fit because its gallente and torps hit anyway…so u dont need painters… cloak on high slot 5, an after burner…1 damage cnotrol online…something offline

  • DaAntnee says:

    they can cloak and scout ahead and the actually have like the highest damage out of all the frigates . but. its almost impossible for them to hit fast targets. they do best at gate camps and shit, when theres a bunch of enemies sitting around real close together. you let off ur bombs and the signature explosive rapes them all.

  • roder000 says:

    fyi not to offend you but why the fit a properly fitted stealth bomber can take down an abaddon. . .

  • darian1968 says:

    YUP INFERO Torps. funny how they say not a gang but abunch of Gays lol funny. So they are gay big deal if they are ahppy doing that and ther person comes in as red flagged then so be it ISK on the hit :) Pirate lol

  • generalj02 says:

    man u fail at fitting ships…

  • generalsniper says:

    Yeah, at the very least 4 months.

  • Dworf1994 says:

    few months

  • Severice says:

    This is on sisi…

  • Blnukem92 says:

    Weeks to months.

  • lolman5921 says:

    Mmmm…… At least 4 months….. Of skills…… I dunno I’m like 3 weeks old flying my trusty brutix.

  • FreeTwinkWannaBe says:

    If im just starting off game now, how long in playtime (5 hrs?) will it take me to deck out a ship like this fitted for pvp?

  • N3oj4ck says:

    yes T2, so T1 Tristan Hull ;)

  • sandro0212 says:

    its the nemesis -.-
    a tristan has 4 high slots only….

  • Dagg215 says:


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