EVE Online Solo Shield Tank Epic Arc Mission – Kristan Parthus

*PLAY IN 480p or higher* I basically made the fight as hard on myself as possible by fighting out at his optimal range and tanking his hits to the best of my ability and expense for the challenge :) Enjoy! Day 14 under 800k SP 7X 125 scout accelerator cannon 1, 1X Salvager 1, 1X Invulnerability field 1, 1X Shield booster 1, 2X Cap recharger 1, Cap booster 100s X80 onboard and lastly 1X Damage Control 1.

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11 Responses to “EVE Online Solo Shield Tank Epic Arc Mission – Kristan Parthus”

  • Bournesax says:

    lol i cant kill kritsan in drake wtf

  • Shun1 says:

    No no, this isn’t pvp, this is the last epic arc mission boss, or atleast one of them that is supposebly really hard to kill. I killed him in a basic destroyer with basic fits and minimal skill points mostly spent in learning tabs. I did this by spending alot of credits on cap rechargers and spamming shield boosters and an invuln field.

  • TehNerdHerd says:

    They are calling fake most likely b/c there is no point on either of you, he was damping or TPing or something but it didnt look like a point, either of you could have just warped off…and no speed mod in PvP?

  • Shun1 says:

    Huh? This video was completely legit, I spent like 1.5 mill on cap rechargers and I was sitting at exactly 800k SP when this was done,

  • caveman999666 says:

    ha ha suck a fail video cos u total dont just have 800k sp cos who the hell would u get that much range at that that piont with turrents lol what a lie man

  • Scopio33 says:

    Well done Shun, the issue im having is he keeps leeching my capacitor up close till im a sitting duck. I think my fit might be off a bit.

  • Shun1 says:

    Hey man, if you want to beat this guy try suiting some low range railguns or blasters and orbit him at an extremely close falloff range with some afterburners. I think the ideal way to take him out is blasters with an orbit of 500 with your afterburners on. I just decided to do it the hard way, best of luck!

  • Shun1 says:

    Hey guys, the song was from googles audioswapping I think its called Kinetic – Axis (Cabasa Remix)

  • ThySorgoroth says:

    That is simply amazing… I am fighting Kristan Parthus for a whole week already… I jusk can’t beat him. Well, I had Cormorant at first, but I decided to buy a Caracal. But I still can’t beat him… I just don’t understand WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG?

  • Ulti2k says:

    nice “house” ish music, whats it called?

  • Shun1 says:

    I realized one thing. Caldari ships are heavy on a capacitor. But with enough cap boosters your immortal.

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