Eve Online Solo Rifter PvP

some more info: I was tracking the omen and warping in on him at belts, but he was aligned and just ran before I could engage him, until his rifter friend showed up. When I warped in, the rifter was 20km + away, and the omen was at 4km, so I primaried the cruiser. The rifter then got close and agressed, so I switched targets and knocked him out. I then switched back to the omen, but the belt rat agressed me and had me webbed (+ the cruiser’s web), and so I started getting wrecked on. Spamming warp once i hit structure I got out because the omen was also trying to de-agress… fuckn lucky!! I might have been able to take down the omen since he de-agressed, but I’ll never know. In the end I was happy with the rifter kill: meth.eve-kill.net and I didn’t lose my ship

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  • ElderadUlthran says:

    Nice video, I’d suggest speeding it up because I didn’t watch the whole thing but well done :)

  • amphem says:

    in your missle hight slot, I dont see ammo what are you using? ;]

  • GyrosHunter says:

    Good one.

  • swebuilder says:

    New strategy: Don’t rename ship to make pepole think you are a noob ;)

  • MrLeoRide says:

    cool vid.
    Im new to eve and have started to play with the rifter. so i just wanted to know what ur low power slot is there? im not watching in HD so i cant see it :S and would u recommend a gyrostabilizer with projectile cannons?

  • ivangutowski says:

    Hi, Great video.. thanks for uploading…. I have the same awesome ship and will start pvp soon… I’d appreciate a link to your fit pls so I have a solid base to work from…

    I’d really appreciate that,
    Thanks again for the great vid… and nice skills

  • SoraQuasar says:

    @TheDorianTormak and yet you still go on your own and adding things to my own words. I hope you feel much better with yourself since you got this out of your system. we really talked about diffrent things and you persist going on and on with your points that had nothing to do with what i siad. gah, people like you make me tired. so long.

  • SoraQuasar says:

    @TheDorianTormak see 2:03

  • SoraQuasar says:

    @TheDorianTormak I was talking about your comment about shield tanking. yes he can have other modules, but he was depending more on speed tanking rather then other kinds of moduls that he might or might not had. if he wasnt mainly speed tanking he wouldnt even mantion that his tank is now worthless cuz he is webbed. and also notice that once he got webbed, it was done for him. he took so much more damage and you can see how it pilled up in a very short ammount of time.

  • SoraQuasar says:

    @TheDorianTormak His actually speed tanking, and he mantioned it in the vid. he got webbed so his speed tanking didnt work anymore. :)

  • storm717 says:

    ‘salt in the wounds’ by pendulum

  • N1KOD95 says:

    whats the song plz answer i subscribed

  • midnitegt says:

    Hold your tongue good sir. I have more kills in a rifter than my wolf a few reasons being 1. 500k to fit a rifter to annihalate shit 2. you dont need much sp to dominate with a rifter 3. it looks badass. IMO it is the best t1 frigate by far, havn’t had many problems with taking down any other frig.

  • Schwa88 says:


  • storm717 says:

    the rifter is far from a noob ship– it’s arguably the best T1 frigate in the game. I have less than 5m SP, but almost all of that is in core skills such as gunnery and navigation.

    Also, these guys seemed to be really new to pvp (default ship names), which is why i decided to engage even when outnumbered.

  • thc024 says:

    nice…..how are u so good in asuch a noob ship…? training is that far progressed..? also wtf time is 16:30 UTC i just dont understand the UTC part anyways ill cya online ;)

  • imortalvalk says:

    Nicely timed exit, always good when you leave a trail of fire :)

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