Eve Online: Solar Fleet & Intrepid Crossing vs Northern Coalition

Game: Eve Online The Northern Coalition came into Cobalt to capture the northern half of the region. In a massive blitz campaign they took the stations, we lost many many ships trying to defend. Once the stations were taken we regrouped, several corporations ran from this mighty blob that the nc put up. The strong stayed and fought back.. QV came out of its second reinforce timer and MO- is coming out of its first, we managed to reinforce mo the second it came out, then NC showed up. This is the fight that followed.

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  • swesal says:

    IRC is awful at the game sure i’ll admit that, but are you actually implying that old NC was some great alliance? they failed to take, and hold the cobalt from an alliance you yourself say is terrible despite having an advatage in pilots, and isk, and then failcascaded shortly after.

  • darian1968 says:

    COOL good work guys on both sides for doing this video.

  • BlackRainRising says:

    I used to live in MO-YDG with Minute Men… seeing this video part of me wishes I would have stayed with IRC, props to you guys.

  • undo4peace says:


  • evehobbs says:

    you MM?

  • undo4peace says:

    were still there… and in right time and place there will be revenge, I promise

  • johpafoora says:

    Too bad you didn’t fire a single shot? Also you forgot to show when a bunch of armor hacs slaughtered your entire set of fleets and tackled your supers and put 2 nyxs and 1 aeon into half armor then the node crashed…irc is terrible

  • evehobbs says:

    bye bye NC

  • Petroholic88 says:

    4:55 very nice fireworks :) o7 from NC

  • swesal says:

    Just to clear something up IRC, and Solar had about 1500 pilots each versus MM which had 3k, razor had 2k, MAGE around 10k, and they were all involed, plus a handful of pets(i’ll let you do the math). Truth is NC was not in a position to simply fly supers into that region w/o risking them, they didn’t want to fly them through the south and with good reason. And NC highcommand thought a subcaps blob would be enough. It is simply idiotic to attack cobalt from the north, enough said.

  • AndroidBoy420 says:

    That was like watching two warring ant colonies…very impressive. I’m sorry I wasn’t there, even if I most likely would have died because my system lagged out. The definition of epic. IRC isn’t as soft as ya’ll make out…but keep believing they are if that helps your world view.

  • iceSkar says:

    this was epic

  • PLIunrivalled says:

    Maybe Maybe not… U dont know

  • ocanator says:

    you’ve probably been bombed a lot. Bombers are awesome for large to small scale combat.

  • Frobond2008 says:

    1st of all it was a good few weeks of fighting with IRC but I have to say it was deff not the full NC you were fighting against. It was 1 main NC alliance with a few friend alliances and some possible nosey blues wanting to join in . As you also showed in that clip we did not have any capitals in this fight infact the only capital we had in the weeks that we were there was 1 supercarrier that the owner decided to jump up knowing we were not taking any. Just to clear some things up : )

  • eraserstp says:

    You probably have never flown in the stealth bomber’s squads, or you should have known that this is a very sophisticated tactic.
    Also, kudos for IRC brosefs from solar.

  • evehobbs says:

    how did you not lag from hell? nice video

  • PLIunrivalled says:

    You call this a fight ? Stealth bombers .. fags …

  • wowidontgetit says:

    i hesitate to give props to IRC but your use of bombers during the fight was top notch.

  • Th3Unlucky0ne says:

    Im in this video!! Im the guy who broadcasts for reps around 0:44 They got my Apoc to half armor before they warped out and left me alone.

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