EVE-Online | SISI:Mass Incursion Testing part 8

EVE-Online | SISI:Mass Incursion Testing part 8 Ship I was using in this video is the Amarrian Logistics Class shiped called “Guardian”. ——— Watch Live Stream at www.ellatha.com Want to try out EVE-Online? Visit secure.eve-online.com to get started using my affiliate link!

100% UNCUT – It’s the 2nd Session with the same team, our mission gets messed up after someone else killed the Mom. Also our target calling was a bit more worse then before, but such things just happen. It was still a good 2nd run. For all the whiners, yes my overview settings are messed up a bit. Also the tractor beam is for missions, because I use the Absolution for some fun missionruns. Another side note, the game sounds are muted if someone talks via EVE Voice, that’s the settings I made to clearly understand the team communication.

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