EVE Online Sightseeing – Rare places few have seen

A compilation of some rare, amazing, strange and beautiful places that some people may have missed seeing while playing EVE Online.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “EVE Online Sightseeing – Rare places few have seen”

  • Foxtube128 says:

    aye i also would like to know where that is.

  • X2ca says:

    It’s some big station that you can fly into.

  • X2ca says:

    I guess that’s because I was mostly hanging around Caldari space while playing. Thus, it didn’t seem all that special.

  • bertrolen says:

    well done but, no caldari stargate at the end?

  • mattman937 says:

    What is that at 3:18?

  • oblivionps3fan says:

    much appreciated :) 

  • X2ca says:

    That’s in the Hjoramold system

  • X2ca says:

    That’s in the Barkrik system

  • o0Steward0o says:

    At 2:48 where are you? it looks amazing!!

  • o0Steward0o says:

    EVE Online: The most beautiful game ever made.

  • oblivionps3fan says:

    Where is 4:16?, look intresting

  • OblivionDarkelf says:

    I’ve always had this fascination with tornadoes and how beautiful a vortex of clouds and color are but its always led by destruction, seeing these vast tunnels of wind in space on the game is a great amount of imagination and i think thats the most beautiful environment to exist on Eve!

  • wilesy247 says:

    Sometimes i forget how beautiful this game is, easy to get caught up with all the numbers and other stuff going round in your head to actually just look around, Nice vid :)

  • ionosfera1 says:

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  • Panzer48th says:

    This has been discussed before. A wormhole, in theory, is a “Black hole” and a “White hole” connected to each other. Black hole sucks it in, white hole spits it out. Never proven, but an interesting theory nonetheless.

  • Panzer48th says:

    Minmatar shuttle

  • Panzer48th says:

    That’s an anomaly commonly found in wormholes. Seen plenty of them myself.

  • MrShiny2000 says:

    what ever it is it looks man made

  • bugaboy02 says:

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  • X2ca says:

    Nah, more like a big star base.

  • SimmanGodz says:

    No, its a ruined star base.

  • Healsmybums says:

    you missed the smugglers stargate, coolest looking one i think

  • MrShiny2000 says:

    is taht a man made planet at 2:17 ?

  • ShinigamiStudiosDE says:

    some pretty neat anomalies u got thar. Some of them were really cool. Especially that Myrmidonlike spacebrick-thingie at 5:21 was actually pretty cool. And thatSpace storm was awesum!

  • o0Steward0o says:

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