Eve Online Short Tour Video (2/2) 1080p

Part 2/2 video recording demonstration of EVE Online (for a friend). i7-2600 @3.40GHz / 8GB / nVidia GTX 555 (OEM) 1GB GDDR5 Win7 Home Premium (64-bit), EVE Online (Windows), nVidia Driver 301.42 Texture Filtering – Anisotropic sample optimization: Off Texture Filtering – Negative LOD bias: Allow (-2.000) Texture Filtering – Quality: High Quality Texture Filtering – Trilinear optimization: Off Gamma adjusted with Windows to display deeper blacks and vibrant contrast. The -2.000 LOD bias was set with NVIDIA Inspector, to shimmer star fields.

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Just me trying to get people to come to my corp in eve online

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  • GAPGimpMaster says:

    This isn’t a good way to recruit people to your corp. This music is fucking overused which implies your intelligence and taste in music.

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