Eve Online: Serenity Invasion Begins!

The white devils decide to have a go on Serenity, the Chinese Eve server, cue 100 day old newbies in frigates shooting everything that moves. Today a mighty battle was fought between a Curse class vessel belonging to 再现星光of the 亵渎之刃corporation and The Illuminati (also known as Pandemic Region), not long afterwards we engaged a Typhoon which happened to have smartbombs. Killmail: oshit.killboard.nl determined not to Diao YOU: Hang father does Cingshoude: were foreigners caught? determined not to Diao YOU: the face of the joint bar foreigners also cut red reproduce the Stars: ah no one I lost a lot of T2 reproduce the star: to help ah bad temper reproduce the stars:. . . reproduce the Stars: a big loss reproduce the Stars: shit tmym01: start it, foreigners Video by sup (Frocke on TQ) Music: Globus – Preliator

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