EVE Online – RMR, Blood, etc.

Eve Online Hold’Em is Eve Online’s premiere poker service. We offer a range of games including Tournaments and Sit-n-go, for people with varied budgets. We have traded for over 4 years, and many people have walked away with winnings in the billions of ISK. Visit us at www.eohpoker.com, where it’s never over until the river. Originally a flash file that has been converted to be supported on youtube, this is a short, humorous film made by TheKiller8 about the expansion to eve online, Red Moon Rising. The original site and version is available here m-devillers.ruhosting.nl

We got reports of a blue alliance ganking a loki and another ship in -A- space. They jump bridged to where we were and setup a gate camp. We form up a fleet and decide to get some revenge. This is the battle. Enjoy! Battle Report: www.eve-legio.com

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