EvE Online review *PART 2*

The title says all

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • knurlykneed says:

    Review this: It really works. Can flippers can be confused: Continuously jettisoning 1 unit of Velspar to leave behind garbage cans (dang appropriate name) , while mining for your own full shipboard load of any ore, has proven to be a nice payback for can flipper rats as evidenced by the grape vine and personal observation and chat channels.

  • Zoowey07 says:

    It sounds like like you were half asleep through out the entire review….

  • ATTAKhq says:


  • zzzzMODEMASzzzz says:

    SUPER you are ovesom what is your skipe :D i’m from lithuanija tu i wold like to speak abatu gmod :D :D [ nezinau kokio velnio as visa ta ibandziau parasyti angliskai :D reik ismokti normaliai rasyti mano skipe sauron.1 jei kartais nebus kas veikt gali parasyti :D turiu keleta klausymu del gmodo nes kaip matai turiu problemu su anglu kalba ir uzsienieciu negaliu normaliai klausineti :D BEJE SUPERINIAI VAIZDELIAI jauciu tu geriausias LT jutuberis :D

  • viciokas1993 says:

    yeah, but if you are a smart teen who loves sophisticated MMOs (like me) and dont have a credit card, the only thing left to do is beg your parents and that is usually a problem :)

  • manrantas says:

    no offence, i loved this TuT but you said about the price, Look hwo amazing those graphics are? look how HUGE the game is, all that programming, im not just saying it cause im not bad for money but because dont you think games of this quality are worth the money?

  • TheyCallMePablo55 says:

    Great Video 10/10

  • viciokas1993 says:

    Yeah, i am thinking about making “the insiders look” and discuss mining and combat a bit more throughly, do u think its worth doing it?

  • kaineire says:

    I too was looking for video review for this game. Its a good game so far nice review

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