EVE Online – Raid on High-Sec Farmers

Macro Farming with Gid – “Geddoncide” Part 1

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  • knurlykneed says:

    I’m trying to fruck up the business of can flipping, therefore, you mine the good stuff for yourself and jettison only regular cans with junk in them, such as 1 unit of Veldspar in each can. As payback, you want rat flippers to open them to discover their shit. If enough people do this, can flippers can bet on flipping junk cans at some point. Fail-proof solution is never jettison to feed the rats, but profits take more time.

  • knurlykneed says:

    It really works. Can flippers can be confused: Continuously jettisoning 1 unit of Velspar to leave behind garbage cans (dang appropriate name) , while mining for your own full shipboard load of any ore, has proven to be a nice payback for can flipper rats as evidenced by the grape vine and personal observation and chat channels.

  • bigkierran says:

    hey no destroying my hulks >.< i iz no macro

  • Sodiumreactor says:


  • Beholder505 says:

    Too long of an intro

  • Oranges91 says:

    Wait, what? After a minute of copyright violation of Star Wars, there was like, one laggy explosion, and that’s it? Congratulations. That was the single most uninspiring EVE video I’ve ever watched.

  • killyouno5 says:

    However unlike WOW eve is a constant cycle. Things get destroyed on massive scales. And so this keeps prices at the right level. What the macro miners do is they lower the prices by making more of everything. Thus making it easier to buy stuff. This destroys the economy and so in eve there is no real balance.

  • halochamp91 says:

    GJ gid those damn chinese macrominers deserved everything they got

  • Helge129 says:

    @micheals1992: Even if they wheren’t: so?

  • micheals1992 says:

    the economy on MMORPG games constantly grows it never goes down take world or warcraft for example if you join a realm 4years old all the items are about 3-5x more expensive then on newer realms because the money just keeps on building up that people make from quests and when everybody gets rich they just buy anything they want even if its 5x the average price

  • micheals1992 says:

    how are you so sure they wasnt normal players just trying to make money?

  • jesusdiedL0L says:

    Hey, I reported a macrominer, checked on him 2 weeks later and he was still playing…..

    Does CCP even care? They do have a punkbuster for these kinds of things right?

  • Tac3r says:

    So smartbombs ae usefull for something! Tac3r goes for his geddon…

  • ghostjesus111 says:

    i love u man but that sort of encyclopedic video game knowledge cannot be followed by an insult of any nature haha

    but really i love u

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  • Johel3007 says:

    In a war, there’s always collateral damages. Sorry for your loss…

  • d0z3rr says:

    me love you long time is said by a vietnamese woman in full metal jacket. as such, it cannot be used as an insult to the chinese. n00b.

  • Viscupelo says:

    Fuck yeah, down with Macro miners.

    Just, don’t gank the regular miners too much, we need that ore to build shit.

  • Cordman1221 says:

    That is awesome. The smartbomb makes everything better.


    I applaud. These damn Chinese goldfarmers make the rest of us Asians look bad.

  • FarosWarrior says:

    goons ftw for killing macros, not so good since they kill normal miners that mine for isk and not for real money though. you know, the kind that mines so the corp can build him stuff or those people that dont frack up markets throughout eve, those non-marco miners like me sometimes.

  • smakkere says:

    Yea, as long that he’s not killing the real miners, it’s fine with me.

  • smakkere says:

    Mostly I get pissed up, when people are shooting innocent miners. But if those miners really were using macro, it is in my mind, fair.

  • pupdrummer says:

    welcome to the jungle – guns n’ roses…

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