Eve Online – Quicker Combat Probing

A short guide on one technique to speed up the probing process of an enemy ship.

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4 Responses to “Eve Online – Quicker Combat Probing”

  • WhiteEyeTree says:

    what were your skills when you made this video ? more or less :)

  • FreshClipMedia says:

    A good tip I’ll deffinitely bare that in mind in future.

  • Michael Lambton says:

    exactly how I do it, though I launch my probes first and move them far outside of the centre of the system on the system map and then run one scan so that they warp to that location out of directional scanner range so no one can see them. I then set their range to 1 AU and have them perfectly set. Then once I find the location of a ship using directional scan I only need to switch to system map and move my probes to where I think they are, this way the probes are only visible for a few seconds.

  • FreshClipMedia says:

    You’re welcome, if you have any idea’s for further guides post em.

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