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EVE Fanfest 2011: EVE Keynote. Senior Producer Arnar reviews the past year in EVE history with the help of the people who have made it happen. Revelations about some of EVE’s immediate future are to be expected.

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37 Responses to “Eve Online PVP.wmv”

  • purewhiterace says:

    No mwd?

  • zanac76 says:

    So what exactly was your contribution to this fight? You had no warp scrambler, no web, hardly did any damage, wasted half your capacitor with armor reps running while you were still in high shields, and indeed your overview isn’t up for pvp. Learn from the comments people gave you and we hope to see a more respectable PvP video from you soon! :) Fly safe

  • junito510 says:

    and this is on the test server you do know

  • freestyler038 says:

    This vid fails on so many points. I hardly ever respond but you people should not be in nullsec. get your overview sorted. Get PvP fit when you do PvP. Engage on warp end. use voice comms for tactics. Fix your fittings.

    That is some expensive ship you are losing soon with this behaviour.

    No flame intended. Just pointing out facts. Have a nice EVE.

  • junito510 says:

    FYI im new to pvp so STFU and stop bragging

  • junito510 says:

    wow is it always a video i made for people to brag about….

  • Batttlekiller says:

    Btw learn to set up a overview might help

  • Batttlekiller says:

    terrible fit

  • LetsPlayNooa says:

    tech 1 donres… scout autocannons… omg and both bs skills on lv1? crap !

  • 5000g says:

    a good thing your opponents didn’t bring a curse to this fight. otherwise this would be a cool vid about your fail fitted pve mach getting blown up.

  • maxer107050 says:

    Oj oj so much fail here , Please know what kinda ship the mach is , and please know the difference between a pvp fit and a pve fit ,

    Where is your speed mod????

  • 5ilent5hift says:

    considering the amount of dps on it, my lil zealot held on like a boss :P was a fun little fight too actually.

  • Nexus6727 says:

    Anyone else lose interest at 0:35:50?

  • Halciett says:

    I love my Sleipnir, I’d love to be able to mess around with its solar panels so they look less like whiskers.

  • ALEX250692 says:

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  • Maxiemax says:

    Everytime the audience clapped and the camera went to them, that annoying guy who claps one handed by slapping his fucking arm! ANNOYING

  • NFox6 says:

    why the fuck this video so quiet???

  • preguntonontrack says:

    They need to hire people to do these presentations. LOL Nervous people on stage, bad english and bad jokes.

    Don’t get me wrong, new features are awesome. ;)

  • Thaltom0830 says:

    I am actually considering re-subbing to EVE because of this video…

  • AndroidBoy420 says:

    the changes you speak of are to ward off inflation. If things had stayed the way they were I’d be paying 100 mil for a Myrmidon, or a quarter mil for a scram. Yes, these changes will hurt (I myself live in 0.0), but they are for the greater good. They also have NO impact on the carebears.

  • VladiSSius says:

    easy m8, not all companies are able to solve the problem fast cuz they also had future plans to be implement yet have to resolve problems that may arise… patience is virtue, my friend XD

  • JonBj2 says:

    I almost considered jerking off to this, it’s that awesome.

  • AvgOpinion says:

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  • MrsBCruz075 says:

    I was there! :D

  • EVEyaar says:

    lol this is pure bullshit, they ingore an 80 page thread of complaints about a change and think they listen to the players.

  • Provakator says:

    so many bold ppl in the audience

  • H4hT53 says:

    I love how they fixed the fleet lag problem

  • realomon says:

    @Wikkiter, can it be that you simply didnt get it m8 ?

  • SCjake333 says:


    Hello kitty drakes, hello kitty drakes everywhere

  • gigicaly says:

    “skull” sorry I got excited :))

  • gigicaly says:

    damn I dream about a skill on my ship since 8 years ago :)))

  • gigicaly says:

    hahahaha The logs dont show anything :):):):)

  • Guardsmen248 says:

    …god i love eve

  • pupip55 says:

    i can jizz

  • Wikkiter says:

    I really hate to say this but… Mr Rubik disliked this video…

  • CompactDisc7227 says:

    31:17 – Best moment ever in any CCP videos :p

  • CompactDisc7227 says:

    Say what?! I love rubik’s cubes!

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