Eve Online – PVP Video Intro

This is an intro I’ve made that will act as an intro for future PVP videos… and perhaps as a showcase for earning some ISK by making videos for others. Boring Details: Was rendered in Blender 2.52 using imported ship models, though some modifications were made to them along with the textures. Editing was done in Adobe Premier… Music used was a trimmed down version of ‘Mind Heist’ by Jack Hemsey.

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  • csw4ak says:

    nice work, waiting for the part where they PEW PEW.

  • pprocacci says:

    I’m having a hard time with cycles and the materials as well. I’d be super grateful if you had the howto done. ;) 

  • Aragsare says:

    damn i just got A type 100mn and snake implant +3 in angel vigil excavation

  • Bournesax says:

    graphics are better now. when were the materials taken from ?

  • MrWildcat76 says:

    wow, good job.

  • DaekanBacon says:

    Sweet video!

  • William Barber says:

    to make use of a masks you dont feed them into the colour of the shader, but the fac. of the mix shader

    For example, a simple shader for doing diffuse and mirror/spec with eve ships is to have a diffuse shader, and a glossy shader… set the glossy to about .075 or so.

    Feed the diffuse texture into the color of the diffuse shader, and then feed the specMirror texture into the fac of the mix shader… it will then use the white from that texture to decide how much of the glossy shader to use

  • DragonwareStudios says:

    Awesome, where would this tutorial be visible once it’s up? I managed to extract an Apocalypse model and add all the materials to Blender, but the mirrored bits along the top edge are annoying since the mask is white, so Blender thinks those bits have to be white too. Is there a simple node that can just change the colour of a mask/area?

  • William Barber says:

    Funny you should ask as I’m currently in the process of writing a cycles tutorial for important eve ships.

    However, if you’re familiar with the BI method, the first steps are exactly the same, extracting the textures from the .dds files into diffuse, spec, emit and bump (sometimes some masks too).. then yeah, its one confusing mess of nodes.

  • DragonwareStudios says:

    How did you do all the materials-related stuff in Cycles? All the tutorials I can find explain the process in the old blender render engine… I suspect Nodes are involved with Cycles…

  • eveonline247 says:

    Woah! This is very well-made! I encourage you to make more!

  • RamblinRichard says:

    If you can make a video that will live up to this intro…

    holy shit.

  • Kiloborg says:

    Nice! Waiting for it

  • Lockey69 says:


  • JonnyPew says:

    very well done. nice paint job on the tengu

  • William Barber says:


  • BashBash28 says:

    Now that’s nice

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