EVE Online PvP: Thrasher killed by Punisher

This Thrasher was ratting in low sec. So I had a go for him with my Punisher. He noticed me when I was already through his shields.

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  • Ureldor says:

    indeed i noticed my transversal was really bad after i watched my own video for the first time. I will have to try to improve it next time. By the way: i was fitted for gank only. I had no buffer at all. Smaller guns and a buffer instead would have made a difference, perhaps. I will try an other fitting next time.

  • MrGryph78 says:

    He had greater velocity and orbiting at range X with no MWD just meant you were constantly flying directly away and completely removed any transversal. I would have pulsed the MWD periodically and tried to orbit ~5000m, using standard crystals would keep him at closer to his optimal + 1 falloff and you within optimal. His tracking is > yours so playing at 2k is just barely outside his optimal and he’d be hurting you a lot more than at 5km.

  • gabe3x10 says:

    if he had noticed you earlier, you would’ve died

  • Foxtrot Charlie says:

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  • GregSmith8x8 says:

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  • Jackie Wei says:

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  • HiphinLetsplay says:

    no i didn’t this video was for a contest for 21days + 30day code + $50mil, this video links to another video where i offer 200mil for just subing. So even still your offer is less. cause your not giving out 51 days + $150mil….. :)

  • feanor921 says:

    cause u said originally 50mill isk in your info……..

  • HiphinLetsplay says:

    How are you going to offer less than me??? Message me guys The isk is now raised to $250mil if you sub from one of my invites!!!

  • feanor921 says:

    Message me if you would like a free 21 day trial and are planning on upgrading. Also, ill throw in 150mill isk. Message me and leave your email. thanks.


    @HiphinLetsplay and that could be a way to start up so you can get some good equipment to start with. BTW this is out of topic but don’t you think that training times in EVE Online are a bit too long? I mean yeah that gets people to buy more subscription but they make too obvious, people hate them, people hack them, people never play again.


    @HiphinLetsplay aww. Well the PLEX will help. And it will certainly help people who already got a ship with a big cargo hold and proper defence and a good miner. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make fast ISK in order to be able to buy a PLEX every month but I’ve only come with something I heard people talk about. Some say you can get ISK by inviting people to EVE Online.

  • HiphinLetsplay says:

    The Contest is over, however the winner wanted me to give the 30 day code to someone else who needed it…. I’ll announce the winner of that in a few days…. so comment on more videos for more chances to win.


    Someone giving something for free. I must be dreaming.


  • HiphinLetsplay says:

    My Steam is Hiphintech its also in the description.

  • ricofico says:

    cant find you on steam? And I do like all your videos mate!

  • HiphinLetsplay says:

    you won’t pay for 51 days making it free

  • HiphinLetsplay says:

    Are you trolling or just don’t understand the contest?

  • TheBienator says:

    your 51 days math doesn’t make sense. only 21 days of it are free.

  • Discipol says:

    A superb demo of the return of the spinning ship, in an awesome environment!


  • HiphinLetsplay says:

    Apotheosis its a Jove Empire ship.

  • tomeboy109 says:

    whats the name of that ship?

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