Eve Online pvp Random Acts of Kindness

Sorry it’s been a few months. Hope you enjoy what i have here for ya. Ships flown.. a bit of everything

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  • DomeRusso89 says:

    wow.. this was too much action for me.. i cant resist too watch your next video..

    PS: I love EVE.. this game is so realistic.


  • DemersEvan says:

    lol Eve online takes alot more brain then you could ever hope for :) enjoy your small View of the world

  • 8TomBomb8 says:

    I know more about losing harbs in stupid situations than most who play eve (teshkat, my harb graveyard) but everyone should know you take your losses like a man and move on, dont whine like the asshat at 8:20.

  • PinoySam808 says:

    Good vid! Awesome game and that’s why at a slow night there’s at least 25,000 players online. This game is not for people who want instant gratification. New Eden is a world for people with higher intelligence and have cunning wits. Teamwork and well executed strategies bring huge rewards in so many ways NO OTHER GAME ONLINE has. You meet interesting friends and foes from all over the world in one server. Not to mention the game is ever evolving. Need I mention Dust 514?

  • Love24Pink says:

    Who could hate these vids there soo much fun to watch? Are the 4 dislikes of the people who got killed in this vid?

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:


  • WRVONE1 says:


    I will make this message brief and to the point, I am not at liberty to divulge much information on behalf of my client, but my client has asked me to extend a hand to any EVE players interested. This involves an opportunity that the said client is attempting to bring loyal, honest and patient members on board. if you are interested contact me at WRVONE1@gmail.com.

    Hope to hear from you

  • whitewater0034 says:

    Wow troll spotting fail…………..noob

  • xG4m3r4Lif3x says:


  • cescvanraikkonen says:

    Wow insult fail. This game is clearly a cluster fuck and only an asshat like yourself would deny it. 

  • whitewater0034 says:

    Boy you must be the brains of your family, and thats insulting your family.

    Good vid great music, love the ending.

    Eve addiction, when you tell your wife you need to get some isk from the bank to go shopping with…………………….

  • cescvanraikkonen says:

    What an awful game. Fucking hell, how many people play this? 2 people worldwide? Get outta here.

  • InternetzSpaceshipz says:

    your such an idot, heh..

  • jaybothebig says:

    Why can’t I find good small gang pvp’ers to join in au tz. ?

  • jaybothebig says:

    You mad ?

  • burraven says:

     i take it you are one of his victims are you the guy in the harb ???

  • burraven says:

    lol another great vid

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:


  • GwynnieTV says:

    Waited 90 seconds to see something worth watching. Now I realize why 7 people worldwide play this game. I heard Eve Online was bad. I just didn’t know it was THIS bad.

  • OldColar says:

    /me hides the ACFerox before Boss… nvm

  • eveonline247 says:

    The Boss is back! Your videos are always enjoyable to watch :)

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    listed near the end of the vid

  • Wargeneralguy says:

    song list please brotah?

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    thanks, was lucky he didn’t have a web. My name is Bossdrum,shoot me a mail

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