Eve Online pvp dirtbag

A short vid i thought i would throw up just before x-mas. Mostly frigs in this one. Enjoy Ships flown: Rifter,Wolf,Succubus,Curse

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    i’m not in game right now but if you take a look at battleclinic and check my character “bossdrum”, look at my losses. my succubus fit should be on the first page. If i remember right just a t2 fit does a bit over 300 dps. very fun ship to fly

  • ParaFenrir says:

    Wow, whats your succubus load-out 0.0 looks sick!

  • Love24Pink says:

    Damn i havnt found one vid i dont love your corp and buddies are awesome!!!!!! Keep up with the vids and also saw the wh one laughed so hard i was crying.

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    2 reasons. 1) this succubus is range fit so the nos are really pointless. 2) i have them offline due to cpu and i use them as heat synch’s when i overheat my guns

  • Ice9joesatriani says:

    Sorry if this was mentioned before but…why did you have your Enrgy Vamps offline in the succubus? No skill to use em or what?

  • jmoseph767 says:

    great vid, AWFUL song

  • piratesexpense says:

    This was pretty sweet I enjoyed it. The succubus should have had MWD on vs the Lachesis though. Not sure what that was about. The vexor should have had Warriors but apparently was extreme noob. I think the succubus could have outrun the warriors either way but it would have given him a fighting chance. All in all, I liked it a lot. Nice work =]

  • mustbehiggy says:

    The song being played in the background is the shittest mix ever lol. The editing just doesn’t tie in very well at all. It’s like someone playing 2 songs and just throwing the slider back and forth from time to time, without thinking about it.

    Anyway, good kills =)

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    didn’t leave any ships out, the ships listed are the ones i’m flying not the ones other people are flying

  • Pallepop909 says:

    you left out 1 or 5 ships flown :D just to name one i spotted a vaga helping out on the golem

  • Cannonball619 says:

    did that vexor not have warriors? fail

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    heh thanks

  • f3rr3tz says:

    dude your hella raw

  • immini192 says:

    And pvp’ers pvp on the test server c/d? Stop lagging up eve with your fail and go back to WoW.

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    thanks, working on another right now, should be up soon

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    it’s posted at the end of the vid
    Patric Mcfly -Teenage dirthouse bodybangers mix

  • shgjlsfg says:

    your vids are good, hope you make moar soon

  • shgjlsfg says:

    the song is a remix of


  • nomad187ci says:

    legit vid m8, now If I could just get the name of that song it’d be awesome :D

  • Erebus2075 says:

    i didnt say you didnt, i said this vid was nothing but trivial gank, nothing worth looking at, that was all..

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    like i said before you should do some research and you’ll find that our corp likes to fight outnumbered.If you would like proof i would be more than happy to link you the engagements. high sec, low sec 0.0 we’ve done it all.
    My vids show the fights i’m involved in and don’t always show the entire fight just my point of view.
    >the pvp’ers live in 0.0.
    I hear this alot, this is the default statement from ppl without a good argument
    >wardec is for carebears
    we are far from being carebears trust me

  • Erebus2075 says:

    yer and wardec is for carebears that like to call themself pvp’ers.

    the pvp’ers live in 0.0.

    if you wanna impress anyone by doing pvp in highsec (actually just wanna impress anyone with pvp) at least make sure that you don’t vastly outnumber the enemy.

    swarming a enemy is nothing that takes skills and it involves no risk at all…

    miss the good old days where you could admire vids from real pvp’ers :/
    you could search and see if you can find something from shark with his blasterthron.

  • Roosterton says:

    Erebus, it’s called a WARDEC, or do you not know what that is?

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    you may be right

  • Erebus2075 says:

    i do and this is just randomly ganking NOTHING a 2 week old eve player couldn’t manage to do.

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