Eve-Online PvP: Curse vs Vexor, arbitrator, retribution

Baby Jesus killz a kitteh everytime you dont watch in HD =( Was really tired during the fight which can be seen by the poor module/drone management….threw the video together after the fight just to get it up. Fight started with me following a neutral retribution to a planet…he burns off for a bit, neutral arby warps in and goes global on me….start fighting the arby, retribution warps in and goes global. Vexor comes in and goes global also….i get the vexor down to about 40% armor before i have to burn out cus my buffer is worn down by the drones ( i shoulda popped them first, Mistake 1) when i warp back in the vexor warps out….i tackle the retribution, get him to about 30% structure before my cap goes dry cus i wasnt watching my neuts. Point cycles off and he warps out (Mistake 2) that is about where fraps picks up. Corpmate in another curse warps in to whore onto the killmail after the fight is pretty much decided. (H8 u batosii *rabble rabble) Song: Danger! High Voltage by Electric six

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • simple1zerg says:

    I prefer to see some EVE PvP stuff rather than original clip for this music track. :S

  • AahhCheezIt says:

    Love the Curse, been able to fly one for a while but havent had the chance to really, seen what it can do an cant wait to fly it

  • avello72 says:

    oh god. D:

  • immini192 says:

    keybinding wasnt in the game at the time.

  • avello72 says:

    y u no keybind dronez >!?!?!?!??!???!?

  • avello72 says:

    its not a dammage ship. maybe thats why he does no dammage >.> durr hurr

  • MrAlive1988 says:

    Nice song

  • immini192 says:

    Because the curse is better for shield tanking.

  • Dranas64 says:

    Lol why were you shield tanking when amarr is better fir armor tanking?

  • k0namiman says:

    This kind of stuff makes the fact that me and two other frigate pilots managed to kill a Curse all the sweeter- because if the pilot had been at least halfway competent, we’d have been raped before we could get in weapons range.

  • bttrflynova says:

    Wonder why the heck the arb was halfway into armor before he popped out his drones, hobs no less XD

  • TenTr0n says:

    shout out to….
    Cat Turd Necklace

  • pwnyomoma says:

    Ive seen Curses go down easy tho, their squishy even if u tank em, all it takes are long ranged missiles and at least 300dps, or just a buddy with you. Its good at everything except tanking, but people loose curses often because they aren’t good against gangs, mostly 1 vs1 unless playing support, ultimately the curse is a support ship, the best support ship in pvp that Ive seen, specially against frigates or battleships but I wouldn’t recommend going into low sec with it alone.pricey

  • cyrexFFXI says:

    Doesn’t take much to kill an active tanked T3 ship(Like an active tanked tengu) if it’s neuted to hell.

  • rafikiisking says:


  • verbillion91 says:

    excellent choice of music, Electric Six is KA

  • Vintzzia says:

    Thats a really cool song you chosed!

  • xnotic24 says:

    I have beat plenty huggin’s, trick is to cap them out and TD their guns, its not hard at all, definitely nothing to run from. I use a armor Curse however so my fit isn’t cookie-cutter , you take a look in my vids and the fit is there…

  • pwnyomoma says:

    I think 3 cruisers against 1 curse woulda been more fair. lol

  • pwnyomoma says:

    No, the curse can do much more than that, Ive seen t3 ships go down to it, tho ofcourse it depends on whos using the curse. lol

  • pwnyomoma says:

    psssh dont thumb down this guy’s comments, he has a point, laucnehrs are unbonused and you could be using nosferatus and an energy neutralizer or how ever you feel comfortable using it, its cap killing abilities and tanking power are its best weapons, launchers only add a bit more dps to t2 drones. And kills most tankings with its cap killing powers.

  • pwnyomoma says:

    Using tracking disruptors is a waste of med slots in my opinion, dont get me wrong, their epic against turrets, but I personally rather shield tank it completely, 50kEHP and 500dps tanking capable, cap stable aslong as your using the nos right. Its pretty cool. lol

  • PaladinRS says:

    I just have no urge to fly one after the nano nerf. I know they were pretty overpowered up to that point.
    As far as the launchers on it… I have seen that build more than a few times.
    Still. Curse/Pilgrim is a pretty scary fight for any turret based ship.
    I ono. I think this ship needs a little love at the moment.

  • vett3l0l says:

    just got killed in a passive drake by a curse, out of ranged my hams and raped my cap untill my invuls went down :(

  • killyouno5 says:

    And you sir are an idiot. Read the description. Bet you dont have the nutts to fly a tech 2 cruiser into odds like that.

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