Eve Online pvp Because of Rook 1.5 (the tease)

Big sorry to everyone for the lack of new vids (long work hours). I threw this together as a tease for Because of Rook II which i hope to start working on soon. Ships flown” uhhh maybe a Rook

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  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    LOL this has to be by far the dumbest comment i have ever read. Why didn’t i use the free jammer? I was touching myself at the time. What are the containers in my overview for? They can be used as warp-ins you idiot. Locking an asteroid is uleless. Yes it was an accident. Thanks for pointing out the obvious fucking Einstein. You’ve now made everyone reading your post feel a bit smarter, thanks.

  • DubEmitta says:

    U noob. Why didn’t u use a free matar jammer on proteus when the cane was down and proteus got unjammed? What are that stupid containers in ur pvp overview for? Locking an asteroid is uleless…and more and more and more!

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    one of my favorite ships

  • C0TAY says:

    Nice use of the Rook man, glad to see people know how to use that ship. Most think its useless, how wrong they are.

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    little known fact that the rook is one of the best mining ships in eve. People your missing out

  • ejflesher says:

    I see you had enough time to mine whilst killing people at the 2 minute or so mark you had an asteroid locked. That is how good the Rook is people.

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    we didn’t notice that until after i posted this vid.We all had a good chuckle

  • Ryugu says:

    I loved the part where vega was “don’t pod me bro”

    3 seconds later his pod turns into a corpse on the overview

  • Wargeneralguy says:

    i love you.

  • TeffNogero says:

    pro video is pro. thanks for using this sequence. one of our more fun small WH gangs

  • GeneralScar27 says:

    lmao i like that lol

  • themidnightdaylight says:

    thumbs up the the good music and epic roid lock. I was so hoping you woul jam the roid lol

  • Tac3r says:

    Another good video Boss, keep em coming! lol @ veldspar

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    I would also like to point out to my critics and fans, no damage controls were harmed in any way while making this vid. So F off PETDC (people for the ethical treatment of damage controls)

  • immini192 says:

    o and boss….you need to send me this song…its the shit

  • immini192 says:

    any thing butters does is the worst he has ever done…he cant stop topping the fail he puts out.

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    wtf worst??? I think not, we killed everything on the field and none of us died so your FC’n was spot on man.

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    I thought about jamming the veldspar, but i quickly realized that if i posted it some ETF/PVP warrior would point out i used the incorrect type of ecm on said veldspar. Music choice: you should hear the whole BT album, it’s pretty damn good

  • Zapinz says:

    Oh my god, I think I remember FCing that shit at like three AM. Worst FCing I have EVER done. Sorry guys, also I was dual boxing (Onyx AND Scimmy bitches!) Thanks for the fraps, I can’t record with both accounts going at once :( ♥♥♥ you Boss!

  • PUPP3TMA5T3R says:

    Since you had already targeted it it would have been awesome had you jammed the shit out of that veldspar ;) Nice music choice.

  • Wargeneralguy says:

    I am wargeneralguy

    and i approve of this video.

    i miss small gangs loads.

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    was my fav part too o/o

  • bryanhavoc says:

    My favorite part was the targeting of Veldspar and my lack of participation in that fleet

  • Sargethepyromaniac says:

    <3 it Boss, ima be back soon!

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