Eve Online PVP battle

Haiduken strikes again! Temporarily known as 11th Fleet due some red-tape mixup, we decced the Moonrabbit Collective, Council & Academy… a potential of 300 wts vs the 7 of us. 10 Battleships, a Hictor, and 4 BCs waited outside… so we undocked in 3 Domi’s and warped in a couple misc remote rep and command link ships… end result… 12 kills, 0 losses. Us vs the titan so to speak :)

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  • GrungeLord33 says:

    what happens when you die in Eve? Do you lose everything or what?

  • Adumb50 says:

    If that was me, I would be sitting there saying “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING”.

  • NiVoXE says:

    Love this game, if anyone wants to try it for 21 days Free Trial, throw me a pm with your email and I’ll sent you a buddy invite

  • jellyzRL says:

    I doubt someone of his intelligence could handle the learning curve.

  • tarkinfish says:

    Not all that stupid. A ‘bolt’ of energy or exotic substance fired from a laser cannon will emit radiation as it hurtles through space and lose energy therefore. Depending on the rate at which the shot’s energy ‘leaks’ away, range could be severely hampered due to this effect.

  • MrKirbyXIII says:

    @scalpel No, they have different ships and setups, oh and they are shifting where their power is going and what they are firing.

  • SIG551P says:

    WTF is going on here. All I see is flashing lights to the sound of some dorks voices..

  • DaBumpy says:

    Well it could be heat dispersion.. projectiles cooling before they hit the target.

  • sspope says:

    But the fact of the matter is, battles in Freelancer Discovery contain a lot more movement as you’re in direct control of your ship. As a result, they’re much more thrilling. You don’t need to take all the shit, you can dodge it.

    MMO space sim > MMO space rts

    ^^in my opinion.

  • 0Fingolfin0 says:

    Are there any interdictors in the battle? If not why didn’t they try to run?

  • CapricamperS says:

    What ship is this in the vid?? I think whatever it is you are lucky you didnt get alpha`d

  • jollygreengiant1415 says:

    Join a corporation? lol

  • mortman200 says:

    Neat. Barely anyone I know has even heard of that game. Pretty fun.

  • rykk78 says:

    Indeed it is! :)

  • mortman200 says:

    Is that music from Hegemonia: Legions of Iron?

  • smilesmilesmilehead says:

    Upvote for understanding science.

  • degaboss says:

    this is not an fps mate, and what you are saying is plain stupid, an mmo or an rpg or an rts is played differently, here you have to use tactics and strategy, something that no matter what you dont use at all in a COD game…

  • MrUaekiller says:

    lol ur right

  • frymastermeat says:


    “In other space PVP games, certain weapons like cannons deal more damage the closer you are to the target.”

    I’d have to say that’s pretty FUCKING stupid considering that projectiles wouldn’t lose any velocity in the vacuum of space so it wouldn’t matter if you were a meter away or 50 kilometers away. All that matters in space is accuracy.

  • michiman57 says:

    this game looks fun.

  • caghan06 says:

    i dont think ill ever have friends to play this game. Ill be a lone miner…. FOREVER ALONE :(

  • scaIpeI says:

    In other space PVP games, certain weapons like cannons deal more damage the closer you are to the target. There’s a whole new layer of strategy, which forces players to maneuver their ships and have super good reflexes.

    Unlike this….this EVE fight is akin to watching meters in a WoW PvE raid.

  • dsfsdafdsafsdaf says:

    In the void of space, there’s nothing to hide behind, so there’s little point in moving. Whoever has the strongest fleet wins.

  • PhantumMusic says:

    @darkOmasia thats because this game is worse than WoW, full of neckbeards

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