Eve online pvp 1v1 brutix vs deimos

little vid (without sound) of a little pvp me and a friend did n test server.

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WWE RAW 9/19/11 review. Hell In A Cell 2011 main event – John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk triple threat Hell In A Cell match for the WWE Championship. Other highlights of tonight include The Miz and R-Truth getting fired. SHOW BREAKDOWN: Triple H announces the main event for Hell In A Cell 2011 – John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk in a Triple Threat Hell In A Cell match for the WWE Championship. John Laurinaitis, Triple H, and CM Punk all think there’s a conspiracy in the WWE, and they will get to the bottom of it by the end of tonight. Sheamus, Justin Gabriel, Kofi Kingston, and Evan Bourne defeated David Otunga, Christian, Michael McGillicutty, and Wade Barrett with a Celtic Cross. Alberto Del Rio defeated John Morrison with a Cross Armbreaker. Hugh Jackman/Dolph Ziggler segment. Hugh Jackman has to find an underdog to face Ziggler in a match later on. Sin Cara was supposed to have a match with Cody Rhodes, but the other Sin Cara made his way to the ring. They each traded moves with each other before one Sin Cara left the ring. HHH fines R-Truth and The Miz 0000 each and gives them a match for tonight. R-Truth and Miz will team up to face CM Punk and John Cena. JR interviews Mark Henry. Henry starts choking Ross until Jerry Lawler breaks it up. He gets a World’s Strongest Slam in the ring and then another one through the announce table. Kelly Kelly and Eve defeated Natalya and Beth Phoenix. Hugh Jackman “Real Steel” movie sneak peak. Zack Ryder

Video Rating: 3 / 5

48 Responses to “Eve online pvp 1v1 brutix vs deimos”

  • Warezovvv says:

    where the damage contol? wtf r fit u have. it’s worst i have seen

  • MadMossieProductions says:

    are you serious dude? Look where the targeting icon is not the overview, you can make out it says DEMIOS, and even if it dosent say that its too short to say ashimmu, and its firing blasters and using medium drones. what more proof do you need?

  • woicj says:

    what is your ingame name moises, I want to find this km and look if it is deimos.

  • woicj says:

    The players’ overview doesnt show the ship name but only the players’ names. The old deimos icon doesnt have white and red colour only Ashimu. Unless you can find the KM or I cant accept that this is Deimos.

  • MadMossieProductions says:

    thats a demios, if you look in fullscreen at the ship name it says Demios. Plus the ship icons back in 2007 were much further away and hard to work out compared to todays ones.

  • prestb says:

    I sure miss when EVE looked like this… yet, I’ve only started playing last year o_o

  • ilikefridges says:

    lol you would’ve won if you weren’t using cap booster 200′s, 800′s would’ve done the trick nicely

  • WiickedOne00 says:

    No, that’s how much it’s estimated the pilot that lost the ship lost in value (Isk). You don’t gain anything but just the modules that the ship dropped. If you want to gain more money, you can pirate for ransoms. Ask the player that if he wants his ship not blown up, to pay up.

  • woicj says:

    lol that is Ashimu not deimos idiot

  • itsmebatman says:

    nah, a Cane or Myrm flown by a pilot who knows what he’s doing easily beats the Drake. Only stubborn NPCers who refuse to crosstrain seriously rate the Drake.

  • ChineseSweatShoppe says:


  • CommanderSyler says:

    a question from a newbie
    if you do pvp in lowsec or in times of war, you gonna be paid in isk of the value of the fitted ship?
    becous when i see a killboard its always lost10 ship (8.1Bil)…….
    where goes that 8.1 Bil?

  • mini11mak says:

    btw u shld use ur drones at the start

  • suddiez says:

    For you It was not a PVP action. You simply don’t have warp scrambler.
    So There’re just two homies have fun XD kicking each others asses.

  • vortex675 says:

    looking at his armor reps he didnt have a nanobot accel or a auxil nano pump for his rigs sighs.

  • earamosrico says:

    I’ve got 21 day trial invites.! Drop me a private message or reply to my comment and i’ll contact you with it and a link to a quick start guide i’ve made.

  • Paneuropax says:


  • 1993futuremarine says:

    yeah it seemed like he was using to small of cap rechargers

  • kireawrecker says:

    first rule. Fit a damage control. and use 400 charges. and you would have wun this fight.

  • theguywhoplays says:

    no poinr irs a test server its only 100 isk

  • theguywhoplays says:

    its on the test server

  • OldColar says:

    cap booster 200?

  • RoTech100 says:

    You need larger booster batterys

  • chegevarich says:

    ololo, where is dis or scrambl?))))

    it’s not real fit of brutix

  • Sergeo333 says:

    where is your poin bro?

  • XIRome says:

    wish u die….

  • dbzkleeters says:

    @bennytoe and don’t forget that back in 2002 there were two men who put a stop to nwo rock and Austin now know as cm punk- rock John cena- Austin. The main leader Nash will be taken out by punk like at wrestlemania 18 rock took out hogan. Del rio will be taken out by cena like Scott hall was taken out by Austin. Yeah hopefully they decide to do that

  • CrazySabertooth says:

    Yeah, I’ll be wachin X-Factor. Wasn’t terribly impressed with the first episode, but it’s not that bad. Hopefully it’ll get better. That dude who flashed the judges made me laugh my fuckin ass off! He’s gonna have a fun time getting employed in the future. I’m sure he lost his job after that stunt.

  • zebracrunk says:

    RAW is on at quarter after 6 where I am because the network airs a 15 minute recap of the previous week. I’m sure Miz and Truth getting fired will only lead to a great storyline. HHH is okay, but I don’t jump for joy when he’s featured on every show. Kevin Nash vs. HHH in HIAC would be cool to me, but the current WWE title match sounds great. Unfortunately, I guess I’ll have to spend $45 on this event as well!

  • zebracrunk says:

    That would be awesome! I hope WWE does it.

  • bennytoe says:

    nash is fired, mix and truth are fired.

    they all come back and help del rio win at hell and the cell.

    NEW NWO. or whatever they want to call it.

    nash- muscle
    miz and truth- tag team
    del rio- headliner heel
    John Laurinaitis- manager.

    MIND BLOWN. not really. seems like an obvious story line. WHAT DO YOU THINK!?

  • MVPxKOBE24 says:

    Good Job..WHY Hugh Jackson??? can you answer that?
    Panda and Beer shirt?? haha…MARK HENRY bathing in ocean HAHAHAHA lmfao!! i love JR getting beat up i love it!!! i hate jerry!! what time is RAW on where u are at? i just dont like the guest hosts…….WHY do you think he FIRED AWESOME TRUTH?!?! answwer me this!!!! they are my favorites!!! what do you think…do you like HHH? what would your matches be for HELL in CELL??? are you spending another $45? i might idk well comment thanks dude

  • zebracrunk says:

    Thank you! I’m getting a bit sour on Haley, but moving on. Jim Ross looks exactly like Elmer Fudd and Porky Pig, that’s hilarious. X-Factor is on tonight, are you tuning in? I’ll be making videos on it this season.

  • CrazySabertooth says:

    Hey man, I actually really like your reviews. Your American Idol one were good too. WWE fan AND Halien? That’s legit. I loved your point about the dumbasses that cussed you out for REVIEWING a PPV in a video titled “WWE Night of Champions 2011 PPV REVIEW.” Also, I need your opinion n something really important; Do you think Jim Ross looks like the awkward love chile of Elmer Fudd and Porky Pig?

    Mark, you’re hurting me!

  • TheTysonVideos says:

    Mark, you’re hurting me!

  • supermanXL says:

    This is where you beg for your life

  • zebracrunk says:

    You can have one, too.

  • dbzkleeters says:

    @zebracrunk Aww what about me I’m a big fan of your wwe reviews damn -__-

  • polokerber says:

    Mark, you’re hurting me!

  • polokerber says:

    Mark, you’re hurting me!

  • zebracrunk says:

    @swinjy I’m pretty sure I was trying to remember your username, but I didn’t have YouTube open while making the video. My mistake, “sfaster” watches my reality TV videos, not WWE. Your shout out will come next week, don’t worry. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t slander my other subscribers, too.

  • HxCPantsParty says:

    I think That WWE actually needs to fire someone. I don’t believe that anyone will get fired ever because John Cena has been fired and then brought back. But it was surprising that 2 big heels got fired. I would rather John Cena actually get fired, or turn heel…

  • Leummoht says:

    “Mark, you’re hurting me!”

  • ThePincheguey26 says:

    The ending to tonite’s raw was unpredictable so that was good

  • fireproof34 says:

    Hey i am really tired of wrestling but i still like to know what going on and your Videos do that. Thanks. Also i agree with you one the stupid people that gave you crap about “SPOILING” NOC, it clearly states Night Of Champions PPV Review, Also CM punk has become boring and not Very original, i wonder what happened because a few months ago when he had his big PROMO i was interested, now not so much.

  • zebracrunk says:

    I don’t care about Orton’s involvement whatsoever, but Mark Henry being in the title scene is interesting to me so far.

  • dbzkleeters says:

    @zebracrunk Do you like the the Randy orton and mark Henry angle or could you care less about it?

  • dbzkleeters says:


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