EVE Online PVP 100MN Tengu tanks 2 Megathron, 1 Rokh, 1 Raven, 2 Drake and 1 Apocalypse

Found a Tempest, Rokh, Raven, 2 Megathrons, 2 Drakes, 1 Brutix and 1 Guardian attacking a POS. Decided to try and gank one of the Drakes.

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24 Responses to “EVE Online PVP 100MN Tengu tanks 2 Megathron, 1 Rokh, 1 Raven, 2 Drake and 1 Apocalypse”

  • warpman1987 says:


  • rietveen26 says:

    100mn AB’s don’t work very well on normal ships. the tengu has a special subsystem which allows it to effectively use an oversized ABs, go back to the cave

  • Kamarihi says:

    This is super effective bro, good job!

  • tearharvester says:

    100Mn fit

  • Tung Morris says:

    OI noob some thing call 100mn tengu like the topic, go back to the cave

  • Systemsecurity says:

    i love tengu noobs think they are pro but 1 web and they die ;)

  • CrazyForCooCooPuffs says:

    fit an oversized after burner derp

  • lowlane95 says:

    If you burn out a group of guns/launchers, ungroup them as you may find only a few have burnt out compleatly

  • hatemf23 says:

    excuse my noobiness Im still training for a Tengu but how can it go at 2500+ with nothing but an after burner?

  • R4Akai says:

    wow tanking ships that cant hit u! impressiv

  • ainumahtar says:

    That brutix sure showed you who’s boss with those TD…lol

  • Zimba9810 says:

    If they only had all spread out away from the tengu to say 40-50km they can easily kill it. One tengu cant web the whole fleet right?

  • Calaghi says:

    Why didnt you kite them? It’s what makes the 100mn AB so good!
    And why didn’t you web the brutix?

  • publicsafetydan says:

    did u just train thermodynamics the day u filmed this? who the eff tries to repair dead modules?

  • abschussrampe says:

    No, its called the “Eve Online - Syndrome”. It is a synonym for sadism.

  • MrGraykin says:

    gief fitting!

  • SmartGuy564 says:

    Even though these are my friends, is it bad that i enjoy seeing them getting their face stomped? :p

  • xtheory says:

    Yep Thermodynamics 5 and a little bit of attentiveness would’ve helped him out a lot there.

  • xtheory says:

    Apparently you can’t read. He had an oversided 100mn AB on his Tengu, and probably a faction one at that. You should be able to get around 1700m/son a Tengu fairly easily.

  • PhantomDragonX says:

    know it’s old but still great job on the vid, don’t listen to the armchair pilots out there, %80 of them wouldn’t have the nads to go after a fleet like this, much less get a kill AND escape! And the guy talking about counterwebbing…. please, there’s so much adrenalin pumping in a time like this mistakes are bound to happen. You did a great job assessing the situation on the fly!

  • gibblets17 says:

    wow. so yeah powerful ship, shitty pilot. if he hadn’t been retarded and burnt his missile launchers out he would have had another bc kill. AND he wasted a shit ton of time trying to figure out why his BURNT OUT launchers wouldn’t repair. also you should have left earlier. you where not in a whole ton of danger but what if some rapier uncloaked and fucked your night up? i saw a whole ton of nub mistakes.

  • MalaklypsetheElder says:


  • MalaklypsetheElder says:

    I don’t know what is more crazy, that you decided to suicide ( I know you made it out, but really) a Tengu for a Drake, or that the other idiots in that group you attacked didn’t have a point or could not keep one on you.

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