EVE Online pvp 100mn Tengu takes out 2 Lokis

Baited out some Lokis with my drake, crushed them, then they brought a carrier out on me lol

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • dexamehtal says:

    Thin Ice

  • Mondi1911 says:

    awesome fight mate, cheers for 5 mins of pure entertainment! Whats the songs name btw ?

  • Joooliuss says:

    Launchers are so Boss! :P

  • strcelrau says:

    thumb down for the presence of the drake in video bunt not in title

  • ReivaxThe1st says:

    ok man ill take ur word for it lol :)

  • dexamehtal says:

    Names don’t appear in local until you type, but if someone does type EVERYONE in the WH can see it whether their name is shown or not. I’ve spent many countless hours in wormholes. :)

  • ReivaxThe1st says:

    im pretty sure that since ur in a wormhole concord has no activity in there which means no local. cuz i have been in wormholes too and u can type in local but u will no be able to see it

  • dexamehtal says:

    If both players are in a wormhole, and you type in local, everyone in the wormhole can read it.

  • ReivaxThe1st says:

    great fight but u do realize he could not see u r wat u said in local since u were in wormhole. u should of started a chat with him

  • mux020 says:

    100MN Tengus are expensive (T2 moduels won’t meet the tight PG requirements, you will need deadspace/faction ones), so I wouldn’t call it “unbalanced”.
    But they indeed don’t play by the rules, buring 3.5km/ sec while warp scrambled really makes their opponents sad…

  • mustbehiggy says:

    Really.. You have less skill if you just stand there and die. Then basically they win too. He’s more of a man to be able to tank all of that, kill what he killed AND still get out alive.

  • mustbehiggy says:

    That was awesome. Carebears will never learn lol. You pretty much took this piss out of those guys. well played sir.

  • mustbehiggy says:

    the fact anyone can do it means it’s not THAT broken or leaving someone at a disadvantage. Sure it doesn’t seem right, but you get people using Large shield extenders on cruiser sized ships. Tell me that makes just as much sense as a 100mn AB? Vagabonds rolling with large shield extenders or Assault frigs with Medium shield extenders. OH EVE… how many options.

  • Bartschinator says:

    i think you didn’t get me right :P

    earlier in the game it was possible to use an XL Autocannon an an Abaddon, you won’t get that one online today for good reasond.
    100MN is meant to be Battleship stuff and in my opinion its kind of unbalanced to let them be fitted on cruisers.
    Ok, sure, its a Sandbox, but i still think that one sucks
    just my 2 cents

  • mux020 says:

    clearly you haven’t faced an 100MN tengu before.

  • Bartschinator says:

    let’s all be honest, cruisersized 100MN Ships are a joke, aswell as frigate sized 10MN ships

  • kingsukkelnoob says:

    fail carrier fit apparenty, also, kinda pussy of you to run :P atleast be a man and lose your ship :P

  • darian1968 says:

    looks like you got lucky !!! this time next time maybe not lol nice video

  • alyruddy10 says:

    it does work you just cant see who is actually in there, you can stil talk though.

  • deadlyhydra says:

    local don’t work in wormhole XD

  • Chandler312 says:

    wow man i would hate to run into you anywhere.

  • ChrisRaptor1 says:

    it is sooo hilarious watching people try to acta ll tuff and bring a carrier out XD, sometimes….its best to play it smart and deal with the 2 loki losses, they almost lost a carrier because of their stupididty…oh well, you came close to killin that carrier, nice job :P

  • magafisk says:

    horrible horrible carrier pilot

  • LucianGhorric says:

    id love to know your fit you use for your tengus, ill be in one shortly and i really like your vids

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